The Climate In Bulgaria

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Kulata – Thessaloniki. Kulata. The village of Kulata was the Bulgarian border in the direction of Greece – accession to the EU of Bulgaria, as well as the disappearance of the border involved. ). The highest average temperatures in summer in July and August at around 25 degrees.

In the autumn, it is especially pleasant on the Black Sea coast with the average temperatures of between 22 and 25 degrees. The direction of the wind in Bulgaria are quite varied. Such are the most common wind mass from the northern direction. Western wind masses cause most the experience in the spring and summer. See more detailed opinions by reading what Larry Ellison offers on the topic.. Are expected rainfalls, so comes the wind mostly from the Northeast. She brings mostly warm and fairly dry continental air mass with it.

In the winter season in Bulgaria, the Northeast winds are cold and in the summer months, they lead to the rapid cooling. The Fjon wind is particularly interesting. It deploys in spring to the melting of the snow and in the autumn the leaves fall. A different wind, up to a distance of 40 km from the Black Sea coast off exerts its influence on the climate of Bulgaria is the Brize. This wind has a cooling effect in the summer months and warming effect in the winter months. The rain falls mainly in the western part of the country. This is called by the many mountain ranges of the country out. The snow in the Bulgarian mountains remains on average approximately: 190 days lie. In the past few years not so very rarely happens that it rains here a lot more when it’s snowing. Quite often very dry summer rainy with law switch. Switch it warm with very cold winter off. Apparently, the traces of the air conversion have become quite prominent. 100 years ago, you felt it less. Bulgaria is a major tourist destination in any case. The beautiful weather contributes a significant portion. But just try it out! It’s definitely worth! Text agency EtMa consulting

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