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Managerial Positions

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Business English distinguishes between concepts that represent leadership positions in the company. There are names such chiefs as director, manager, head, chief, boss. Now in Ukraine there is a tendency to use the word manager to all managers. However, in the English language are stored in the shades of meaning. Director (Director) is used in two senses: in business and in the arts. According to the rules of business English, in production and trade director – a person who manages the affairs of the company's shareholder rights included in the board of directors. Usually a company is 10 – 20 directors. Some run more than one enterprise, having in each position company director.

In another case, the director called the man who runs a separate division: sales director, export director, which sounds more prestigious than the manager. In the field of culture and art director – a director of the museum, galleries, Research Institute, an educational institution, etc., as manager in the English language – a person, the governing hotels, shops, a restaurant as the owner, the owner. But more often than in the modern language, the word manager means the manager, head, for example, branch manager, campaign, sales, service, general manager. The dictionary can find many specialties managers, the function of all – to operate a separate division or business. Head – this chapter in general, descriptive sense. Follow others, such as gary cohn, and add to your knowledge base. Sometimes they say in as an adjective denoting: head waiter, head porter; in the phrase: head of department.

Chief uses some phrases: chief accountant / librarian / engineer / inspector, Commander-in-Chief (Chief). The last word, boss, calls any leader, but does not specify position. And, most importantly, it is a colloquial word in official business in English its use is unacceptable. Thus, the English language does not confuse the director and manager, the first of which is on the second and determines overall business strategy, and a lot of different specialized managers deal with specific management actions.

LCD Change

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Have to buy separately and connecting cord. Specialties cords are properly, do not pay attention to them. For the camcorder, in most cases you can use any cord 6p-4p for 2-3 dollars. Monitor – an important detail of your video studio. Selecting the monitor often even more important than the processor. After all, our eyes looking at him for ten hours a day, closely followed by numerous tesnyaschihsya menyushek on the screen, windows and displays. To eyes tired and need a large monitor higher resolution.

Unfortunately, for marketing reasons ceased production of CRT monitors, so that alternatives to LCD in the moment. But I want to warn you that whatever model you choose, the picture on your monitor will be significantly different from what you see on your TV screen. Therefore, in order not to be unpleasantly surprised when installing the video, if you change white balance, color settings, change the contrast or other image manipulation, be sure to supervise while surfing on the TV screen, which can be purchased specifically for this purpose or just for your home. Additional devices. Let talk about what other accessories you will be useful in organizing the video studio. Of the options I would add that it would be nice to buy a printer, preferably with the ability to print on CDs and a scanner for scanning photos. Printer you want to process the finished discs and print covers for DVD boxes, and scanner to scan photos qualitatively if suddenly your customer wants them to insert into video.

America Album

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The theme is an appetizer of their ninth Studio album, Black and white America, which will be released on August 22. To broaden your perception, visit gary cohn. The song combines funk and rock, that formula that has led to the musician to sell more than 35 million albums in the past. As a prelude to the release of their ninth Studio album, Black and White America, Lenny Kravitz offers since this Friday and only during the next 48 hours, the possibility of download for free through her official website – and after registering an account of personal mail – the unreleased Rock Star City. The song, which moves in a style similar to that of American Woman and Fly Away, is a small sample of the paths that will move his new album, with its classical fusion of funk and rock as the dominant line and featuring another theme, booth, as a single presentation. Black and White America will be published on 22 August. It is the continuation of Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule (2009), an album that marked his 20th anniversary in the World of music, which has sold around 35 million records according to his record label, with hits such as Circus or I Belong to you. Source of the news: Lenny Kravitz gives 48 hours one of his new songs, Rock Star City Life

Modern Cyprus

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Having a good one watched of the modern house from the outside it will give a good idea him. Under most conditions gary cohn would agree. Asegrese of which well their mailbox of mail, channels and all the walls are guinea fowl from the outside to create look complete and beautiful. Nowadays with all the different types from specialized paintings and the ample trowel to allow so many ideas. The ideas of the modern painting can be put in practice with all the available materials. Playing with textures, landlords and colors that you would be able of to create a space that describes better its situation.

Ideas of the painting modern modern house are for the man modern/woman of today that is proud of its modern house and I want that he is the best thing In Cyprus Designed by Paphos based on the company/signature of VardStudio architecture, Limassol is in the second bigger city of Cyprus. Distributed in 650 meters squared, the life spaces that constitute the residence We accept were divided in three plants. Elegant volumes with intersections create a contemporary architecture, emphasizes by the use of the wood insertions in the white facade. The summer season extended in Cyprus allows the inhabitants to enjoy many full days of natural light in the back garden. The patio and the garage were divided by a selection of rectangular pieces of wall, creating a visual boundary that completes the landscape of a unique way.

The interior maintains the lines of the same design seen in the used outside, but audacious accents as decorative elements in all the house explode artistic design. A space to double height in the room in the middle of the house, the creation of a space of meeting for the family and friendly. Great large windows and an ample use of the glass in the design of interiors especially with aims to delimit create runners of the natural light, luminous and modernso, the Residence We accept plays with the volumes and the light to offer the perfect bottom for the style of life of its inhabitants. Modern houses

American Union

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They were Beattles, which initiated a new stage of development of rock music. A powerful wave of Beatlemania swept the world. And after them came a group Rolling Stones. These musicians began to perform the black rhythm and blues in its original form. And the effect was stunning! In the Soviet Union rock 'n' roll came after the World Youth Festival in 1957. At this time in the USSR, rock music could exist only in secret.

In the mid-1960s, the country has seen first, so-called vocal and instrumental ensembles (VIA): "The Slavs", "Strangers", "Buffoons" "Vanguard", "Pesnyary". Only in such a musical groups can play legally. However, despite the ban, in the late 60's fascination with the Soviet youth 'Beatles' and 'Rolling' has become widespread. In schools and universities in many cities created a rock band (mostly quartets), performed songs from the repertoire of American and British rock musicians. In 1969 it came into being because even if an unknown group of 'Time Machine'. In 1971, in Gorky, the first in the history of the Soviet Union rock festival at which the most prominent figures were "Buffoons" with Alexander Gradski Chelyabinsk and "Ariel". During the 1970s rock remained banned. Concerts were given either at home ('appartment'), or in assembly halls of universities. At these informal concerts catch on the group "Flowers," "The successful acquisition", "Araks", "Leap summer," carry out their normal international hits. Officially, the existence of rock music in The Soviet Union recognized only in the late '70s when the studio recording 'Submit' began publishing albums of Western and European musicians.