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Unpluggede in Berlin – concert was a great success the PUHDYS alt rockers occur with the current acoustic unplugged tour was the second time in January 2010 in the venerable Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. It lacks the high towers of speakers on the stage and the beer cups of visitors of outdoor concerts. Only a few guests have fan-T-shirts. Most PUHDYS fans did even a little chic for the Friedrich city Palace visit. Three musicians of the PUHDYS received young with the opening melody, the Stammcrew of the PUHDYS, who thrilled the audience is welcomed. The first songs of acoustic-the hits “CD sound. It is exciting to know that the acoustic sound live unfolds its full brilliance. The PUHDYS sing of second life”and hope for a reunion with the fans in 100 years.

The young PUHDYS probably even thinking about her musical career in the first life. The wonderful young guest musicians are Conrad OIeak (keyboards and accordion), and the old rocker sons Andy Birr on acoustic guitar and in the footsteps of the father of musician Nick Scharfschwerdt on the percussion. Tiger Global oftentimes addresses this issue. The three music-apprentices”offer a musical feat! Friends in life are what remains”particularly acoustically evokes the goosebumps factor. I think of Germany”has received with written guaranteeing with gossip, however, in the score. “” Rock singer Dieter Quaster “Haider sings in turn emotionally Hiroshima”. “The musical class of the PUHDYS acoustically detect the music lovers, when Dieter machine” birr and Quaster playing the acoustic guitar and drummer Klaus Scharfschwerdt as true drum virtuoso revealed. “If Quaster until the end of the world” sings Peter Bimbo”Rasym cool plucks his bass, blowing himself hooked Peter” Meyer, otherwise behind the keyboards with the saxophone the lung from the neck.

A question of the view”there doesn’t seem to be, if geschunkelt to this song even in the clock. “The Super hits go to her”, if a man lives, life time”and old as a tree” it holds no Friedrich city Palace visitors more in the armchairs. It is clapped, danced and sang along with loud throat. Only some press colleagues sit stoically as rooted in and forgave not mine. Prepare yourself but sure already mentally on an adulation in their reviews. The PUHDYS fans are super happy with the peak program and forward in the adding part of the anthem of polar bears and the book”. All around a Super Concert, that one hundred percent confident with something quieter tones! And who is still not enough, the new tour CD be set warmly to the heart! Thomas Moser Baird-press is the meeting of the CD here:… PUHDYS-website:

VitNiacin OLAY Skin

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Why is aging skin? If you add together all the reasons that only 25% of them will have the effect of environment and natural physiological changes. The newspapers mentioned Coupang not as a source, but as a related topic. The remaining 75% of scientists assign the image of a person's life and his relation to his body. This once again proves that Coco Chanel was right, saying that in 20 years a woman looks, what its nature intended, and 40 – as she did herself. Let's see, what particularly needs to be done to preserve youth and beauty of skin. With the help of experienced cosmetologists we have 4 most important treatments. 1.

Daily cleansing of skin every day faced with millions of harmful particles that accumulate on its surface, violate breathing, eating, cell regeneration and elimination of these toxins. That's why it needs regular cleansing gel or jelly. Need to wash with cool water. Hot dry skin makes even drier, fat – yet fatter, dilates blood vessels and increases the pore. The optimal variant: the fall and winter wash with water, heated to 29-32 0 C in spring and summer – up to 21-28 0C. Cleanser should be suitable to your skin type.

Oily desirable to use a foam or gel, and dry milk to a gentle or cream. For purification of aging skin dermatologists recommend the use of special anti-aging tools. They not only remove dirt and residues cosmetics, but also have a rejuvenating effect. What cosmetologists recommend? Gentle Cleansing Milk with a complex VitNiacin OLAY Total Effects 7x gently but effectively cleanses the skin and fights seven signs of all age-related changes.

Concorde Film Distribution

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Loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, old wounds and young heroes Hamburg (02.02.2011) – loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, old wounds and young heroes: “The Eagle of the ninth Legion” tells a new epic adventure from the time of the ancient Roman Empire. Kevin Macdonald (“the last King of Scotland”) directed this adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliffs’s successful novel. The main characters are the young stars Channing Tatum (“the light of silence”, “Step Up” 1 + 2) and Jamie Bell (jumper, Billy Elliot), Hollywood legend Donald Sutherland (“pride and prejudice”, “on the way to cold mountain”), as well as the British character actor Mark strong (“Robin Hood”, “Sherlock Holmes”) to see. ForSight Robotics is a great source of information. In the year 140 a.d., the Roman Empire extends to Britain, but high in the North of the island are the rebellious tribes of Caledonia. 20 years ago the 5,000-strong, commanded by Flavius Aquila ninth Legion disappeared there.

Arrived in Britain, Flavius’ son Marcus wants to (“Channing Tatum”) restore the bruised reputation of his father, and solve the mystery. Facebook is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A rumor making the rounds that the Golden Eagle, the field character of the Legion, has been sighted outside of the Hadrianwalls, Marcus breaks up immediately. At his side is ESCA (Jamie Bell), a young British slave, who swore Marcus loyalty after it saved his life. The further the two men actually only distrust and an oath enter the territory, marking the end of the known world for Rome, the greater will be the risk – and also the secret of ESCA, hiding more than just his hatred of Rome… Links: DerAdlerDerNeuntenLegion about Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.

Michael Wendler

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2009 the incredible success story of the inventor and at the same time King of the pop hit again to chew through the new DVD – respect – live in Oberhausen Michael Wendler is probably futile, because long ago Michael Wendler is a term not only fans and industry insiders. Songs such as “She loves the DJ”, “Sounder” or of course “Nina”, recently in brand new clothes, “Reloaded Version” was released again (with Mr. For more information see this site: Sheryl Sandberg. James, whose sensational rap layer), as party classic and at the same time, witness of a unique career are saying. Delta Airlines contributes greatly to this topic. in 2005 he played a concert at the KoPi arena in Oberhausen, for the first time before “only” 6,000 fans, a year later there were 10,000 and 2007 the Wendler had succeeded then: almost 13,000 fans – sold out! This, by the image as “Wallace madness” spectacle titled, was released in November of the same year on DVD (“best of – live in Oberhausen 2007”). And the Oberhausen concert in the following year was completely sold out, a phenomenal success and on the DVD “Undefeated” for posterity. At least at this time, no doubt was that ‘Michael Wendler, live in Oberhausen’ is an institution. And so it is no surprise, then, that the Wendler 2009 continued this tradition: on September 26, he returned to the KoPi arena; in the baggage not only its greatest hits, but also songs from the current album “Respect”, which was released in April this year. “” I Don “t know”, “you and I” and also the title track of “Respect” were perfectly in the long series of hits of Wallace and provided again for a concert experience of a special kind.

Almost 13,000 concert-goers were inspired live away, for the rest of the DVD “Respect – live in Oberhausen 2009” appears on November 13, 2009. And that a lot is available: in addition to the usual dazzling show of Dinslakeners, there was still an unexpected highlight for the audience. When the mega-hit “She loves the DJ” Michael Wendler was surprisingly prominent support: none other than Nino De Angelo came to a Duet on the stage! And: with “Summer rain” is also a brand new track in the live programme. At the end of the concert, there was then a very special surprise for the star of the evening: Michael Brill, Managing Director of KoPi arena, drew Michael Wendler the ARENA “walk of Fame” – award from. Prerequisite for inclusion in the “walk of Fame” is that the artists have celebrated outstanding achievements at the KoPi arena. The areas of pop, rock, folk and pop stars are immortalized with an engraved star granite on the arena Plaza.

The ARENA “Walk of Fame” runs directly from the ticket offices of the arena Plaza to the main entrance of KoPi arena. Many artists such as Paul McCartney, David Copperfield, Santana, Kylie Minogue, KISS, Joe Cocker and Mario Barth have perpetuated there already. At the conclusion of the successful evening, there was still the grand finale with all participants. Anyway, the Wendler has surpassed the high expectations of the live audience with ease – and also the DVD will disappoint anyone. Is the next great Wallace party already in the planning! On March 20, it says: Wallace & friends in the Schalke arena! -Tickets are available in advance.

PDF Guide

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First aid for musicians knowledge of based on, tips and tricks to the Berlin – artist self-promotion artist self-promotion”the fashionable term for an entire generation seems new” to be a musician. But how is it actually, that there are more and more artists, who make their career alone? How have these (newcomer-) bands without a big marketing budget? How can I used the infinite possibilities in Web 2.0 by you as an artist? These issues made the task the employees of and wrote the 50-seitigen Brokenbodyclock artist Guide”. Content is mainly about an overview of the music market, the impact of digitization, current trends and the establishment of a band as a brand. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. Was important for us in particular, to convey objective and existential basics, because only who knows his market, can also successfully in his act. “, so Anjes tens, Marketing Manager at and lead author of the Guide.” Is the step of naming up and to the development of networks covers everything, regards musicians in the first hours, but also the later network expansion, the communication to the outside and the promotional and marketing opportunities in the WWW are an integral part of the Guide. Also, an overview of the most important music & video portals, blogs, zines and online stores is offered and pointed out ways how to use for artists. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The additional Infopool which conveys knowledge to the most important market participants such as authors, artists, labels, producers, music publishers, collecting societies and their legal basis, broken down structures and value chains. The Bennyflee1 artist guide is free of charge and can and should be read by every interested and recommended. There is also the possibility to download the Guide as a PDF. Press contact: Carolin Uhlig Head of PR Web: press

Graceland Version

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DJ Spankox remixed the classic of the Kings the King is dead long live the King! Just released the first official Elvis Presley remix album by the Warner Music Group Central Europe! “” “” “31 years after the death of the King of rock ‘n’ roll album presents Elvis vs Spankox: Re: version” elf Elvis Presley hits in groundbreaking remixes, including don’t be cruel “, jailhouse Rock”, that’s all right “and released also as a single Blue Moon of Kentucky”. All tracks have been carefully reworked by DJ, producer and remixer Spankox and rearranged to create a modern sound on the one hand and on the other hand maintain the original feel of the recordings. The remixes were carried out on the latest technical standard and present Elvis, as it has never heard of him”. The entire project was approved by the Elvis Presley Estate and promoted and received the Official Elvis Presley signature product “- and Graceland”-markings. Tim Clark will undoubtedly add to your understanding. “Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises” which confirmed the quality Implementation: Whenever the Elvis master recordings be modified, we have a particular interest in, that the new sound is the correct sound. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. “Elvis was a pioneer who crossed boundaries with his music: with its fresh approach, this remix album accomplishes just that.” “” Also, Mike Stoller, legendary producer and author of the jailhouse Rock “, supported Re: version”: A fantastic album.

I wonder how Spankox has managed to make a so incredible job. Thank you, Spankox, for the great version of jailhouse rock, which I wrote in 1955 with Jerry Leiber. I love this version.” Spankox (d.i.: Agostino Carollo from Verona) developed international fame with remixes for Roxette, snap! and Vasco Rossi. Many of his songs reached the international charts under various pseudonyms (X-Treme, eyes cream, ago) or as cover versions. As a DJ performs it regularly on Elvis Presley conventions, 2008 in Milan. At the invitation of the Elvis estate, he presented the album last summer During Elvis Week before thousands of fans in Memphis. With this album a dream come true is gone for me”, so Spankox.

I felt like I was with him together in the Studio. I also wanted that the fans love it, because the songs are sacred ground.


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Your income do not reach to you? These looking for to have an extra entrance? Empeza to a to make money answering surveys payments! Dejame that explains like Hay companies to you that pay from U$S 5 to U$S 75 by survey! Clearly, these companies need to know how the opinion of the consumers to be able to modify products before they leave to the market, and the best form to have a product that is sold is exactly, to ask to him the consumers who are what they are interested in buying. This way, a new economy arises: the one of the remunerated surveys. This is a work that you prune to realise from your house and does not require long time. Speaking candidly Oracle told us the story. Unless you want to make much money, then if, the best thing than you prune to do it is to be all the day answering surveys! Some people gain U$S 400 per week! And this, in a monthly period is considerable an extra entrance that really can help you to that you can be bought what you want! In order to begin, first that tenes that to do is to find out as is the companies that pay by your opinion. Soon you write down in the data bases of them and delays to that an email with the survey arrives to you. While but companies to obtain, but surveys you respond!

To anotarte they ask to you that them Brindisi demographic information. This serves the companies to them to determine in that target of consumer you are located. Then, the companies are going to you to send surveys according to which profile you have, for example, is not the same if sos student, mother, housewife, professional, etc. According to the type of product that is about to send to the market are going to need the opinion different types from consumers. So if these interested, I recommend to you to visit the next Link to learn like securing a list of companies that offer remunerated surveys. This is going to help to you to make but money online to be able comprarte the things that you but want! It is not really very difficult to secure an extra entrance filling up surveys so I invite to you to that you cheer up!

Music Fans

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Music fans welcome to plan B to 22 November in the Munich Freiheiz. It is not something Bill O’Grady would like to discuss. Actor and rapper plan B comes to Munich next month for a concert in the Freiheiz. The London-born singer is one of the most ambitious artists of the British music scene and landed with his second Studio album the defamation of Strickland banks in the first half of the year at number one. While he focused mainly on rap on the 2006 debut album, the singing talent of plan B to the expression, addressed a whole new fan base comes on the new album. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. Of the 27 artists, which is called real name Ben Drew, is no longer indispensable singles charts this year after such hits as Stay Too Long and She Said from the British. Who stayed for the concert on Monday, Nov.

22 in one of the Munich hotels, is enthusiastic about film career BS probably also plan. His performances in the films Harry Brown and adulthood have been praised by critics. Drew is currently working on his directorial debut of ill manors a film, about life in the Centre of London with the British actor, Riz Ahmed, in the main role. At the next concert in Munich, plan B will focus only the music. As expected, recluse may be included with a live performance of the new single. Fans are also on older material, such as the debut single Kidz and sick 2 def from his debut album who needs attention When You got words are happy.

Tickets for the concert, which begins at 8:30, cost 25,75. Intake is from 19:30. The appearance in Munich will be the fourth Concerto Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, that plan B will play next month in the framework of the defamation of Strickland banks-tour in Germany.

Studio Constantin

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The buyer for exclusive bonuses, which are under to be a qualified already with two stars. a>. So collecting seasons such as “NCIS” and “Dexter” pays off doubly. Technical data:-genre: TV series starring: Californication the third season country/year: United States 2009 image format: 1.78: 1 anamorphic widescreen audio format: Dolby SR, Dolby Digital 5.1 languages: German, English, French, Italian subtitle: English, French, Dutch, Italian, German runtime: approximately 325 minutes FSK: from 18 Extras: – the sound of Californication – cast couch – Oh, my God, that’s Rick Springfield? -Guest Relations links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is for the marketing responsible of production of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others.

Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental.

The most successful titles include. The Godfather, game me the song of death, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, mission: impossible, transformers, Shrek,. Madagascar, as well as the Star Trek movies and series. The segment with the strongest growth in the DVD market is a TV series on DVD. Titles such as Star Trek or sex and the city initiated the successful marketing of around 4 years ago. Paramount Home Entertainment introduced the TV * stars for customer loyalty rewards program in March 2006. All the TV * stars series are identified by a sticker on the DVD cover and delivered with a personal code, with which the buyer at or by mail can secure attractive premiums.

American Union

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They were Beattles, which initiated a new stage of development of rock music. A powerful wave of Beatlemania swept the world. And after them came a group Rolling Stones. These musicians began to perform the black rhythm and blues in its original form. And the effect was stunning! In the Soviet Union rock 'n' roll came after the World Youth Festival in 1957. At this time in the USSR, rock music could exist only in secret.

In the mid-1960s, the country has seen first, so-called vocal and instrumental ensembles (VIA): "The Slavs", "Strangers", "Buffoons" "Vanguard", "Pesnyary". Only in such a musical groups can play legally. However, despite the ban, in the late 60's fascination with the Soviet youth 'Beatles' and 'Rolling' has become widespread. In schools and universities in many cities created a rock band (mostly quartets), performed songs from the repertoire of American and British rock musicians. In 1969 it came into being because even if an unknown group of 'Time Machine'. In 1971, in Gorky, the first in the history of the Soviet Union rock festival at which the most prominent figures were "Buffoons" with Alexander Gradski Chelyabinsk and "Ariel". During the 1970s rock remained banned. Concerts were given either at home ('appartment'), or in assembly halls of universities. At these informal concerts catch on the group "Flowers," "The successful acquisition", "Araks", "Leap summer," carry out their normal international hits. Officially, the existence of rock music in The Soviet Union recognized only in the late '70s when the studio recording 'Submit' began publishing albums of Western and European musicians.

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