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“Education and educational film the problems of the work has international awards with the Indie Festival award of merit for excellent film art and creativity of L. You may wish to learn more. If so, Valerie Berlin is the place to go. Ron of Hubbard’s book the problems of work” was by golden era productions filmed and presented in a year. This 66-minute presentation now received an award for excellence and creativity in the category of education and educational film. “On June 1, 2011, the film became the problems of work” with the Indie Festival award of merit “awarded for educational and instructional films. “This film is a 66-minute Visual presentation of the eponymous book the problems of work Scientology applied to the area of everyday life” of the famous author L.

Ron Hubbard. This film was produced by golden era productions, a State of the art film and car production facility based in Southern California. BerlinRosen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On the 200-acre site is located amongst a 7400-square-foot Film Studio, distributed on 3 Floors. The completion of the audiovisual, religious works, the in golden era productions filmed are held in a State of the art production facility, which includes six digital spaces for the cutting of films. The special effects of the production of all necessary digital effects Department includes 500 computer with computational power of 6360 billion calculations per second. In addition, all music for all religious films and videos in the recording studio is produced and mixed. Golden era productions worldwide distribution centre for the entire film, video, television and Internet productions and productions for international events is the Scientology Church International. “The book, the team of professional staff took the problems of work” as a template.

You created vivid basic Scientology principles for use in everyday life, every man can understand well. Catherine Fraser, Director of public affairs by golden era productions communicated to: all eight chapters of the book were filmed individually and vividly illustrated. The film contains basic principles and laws that shall apply to every effort and every problem in relation to work. These are the discoveries that expose the core of these problems and explain the exact structure of life itself. These principles and their processes are represented so well in the movie, that these can be applied immediately in their own lives.” Under these Scientology principles also the three components are represented affinity, reality and communication, without which there would be no understanding about one thing. Also represented the cause of confusion and the solution for how efficiently very quickly to solve this underlying fatigue and disorientation. The film, the problems of the work”contains not only methods, to give his job stability, he shows some interesting processes to get the life and work again with joy under control. The book is also the movie (on DVD) in the online bookstore available. Both were translated into 15 languages, so there is many people as self help is available. “Filmmakers all over the world the film was measured by highly qualified work problems” with the Indie Festival award of merit “award. Said Thomas Baker, PhD, Chairman of the competition: the Indie Festival award is an independent, first-class international film award, the indie is no normal award, you can just win. It standards are used here for excellent craftsmanship film art and creativity.” Meanwhile, golden era of productions has 56 national and international awards for its films, documentaries, commercials for public institutions and Web sites.

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