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For the neighboring countries of Israel, the presence of the United States in the region is a threat to the islamismo and the economic interests. For the United States, a question of to keep its economy and its military and geopolitical power in the world. The attacks to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September of 2001, denote this aggressiveness against the United States. The violence of the attacks is unjustifiable: the American violence against these peoples is justifiable? The United States hate the peace. A war power is about a belligerent country, being that the armed conflicts generate a great economic movement for this country.

U.S.A. had not only granted a war of truth against Russia, for the reason that this country was so great how much in military terms. as is the question of the Anger in this scene? This country is an aberration for the occidental standards in function of the Islamic Revolution of years 70, that it imposed the islamismo and its customs. Ocidente adheres to the idea of the individualism, that is, people, groups and companies can act its philosophies and goals in accordance with. Definitively, it is not the case of the Anger. Ahead of the radicalism of Anger of the Ayatolas, it appears to the idea of the Iranian nuclear program. For this country, at this moment, it only serves as the power of dissuasion against Israel and United States, that is, it is spread out idea of that ' ' ser&#039 can; ' contruda an atomic bomb and this creates a conditioning: force eventual enemy to think about the consequences before acting against the country. This form of government of the Anger is a threat to the United States thought for the world, therefore U.S.A. violently acts against that he will be contrary to the capitalist system, after all the capitalism needs markets and flows and the closing of the Anger is a threat, of the American point of view, the all capitalist international system.

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