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Translation of movies – is an important branch of commercial and creative translations. Under the new law, all the films that come rolling in, to be translated into Ukrainian, or at least have subtitles in Ukrainian. And if before the films we translated into Russian, and now orders for translation into Ukrainian is much greater. Translation of the video material has its own specifics, as has featured as an oral and written translation. Pirate translation is carried out mostly by ear, but the translation is carried out with professional script (text replicas) and checked in parallel with the video. If you would like to know more then you should visit gary cohn.

Sometimes there is even so – there are scripts, but the video does not provide. This option is the most difficult because they do not see what is happening is difficult to translate certain phrases, which, without an understanding of context can sound meaningless. Transfer Features of the film is that apart from the problem translation of the text, taking into account cultural differences and linguistic traits that are necessary to pay attention to in the translation, in this case the translator must choose the same sentence along with the original, because it is important for the dubbing. Also, transferring video material must exhibit a time code (time when pronounced cue), different studios have different requirements dubbing for recording time codes. Translation also has its own formatting. Page is divided into several columns: time code, the name of the hero, the replica.

More often than male cues in bold. All the features of the transfer of registration can be found directly at the customer. Traditionally, the bulk of imported films in the Ukrainian box office is the products of Hollywood. Accordingly, the transfer film – is often translated from English. Often performed as translated from Spanish and Portuguese, as huge popularity of Mexican, Brazilian and other Latin American soap operas. Of course movies are translated from other European languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese and etc.) and Asian languages. Professional translation from European languages can be ordered from us.

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