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Magnetic Crossfaders

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Magnetic crossfaders are familiar to many on consoles Vestax. Magnetic crossfaders for speed and ease of identical optical, but not subject to clogging, since they operate on the basis of the magnetic field. Consoles with crossfader quite expensive, but they always have feedback about the most positive. Equalizer Equalizer allows you to change the timbre, the sound is adjusted in frequency, leaving unchanged the tone, pace and size work. In electronic music it is needed, so you have at least band EQ on the remote control is mandatory. With the change in frequency can seriously affect the product, and the more bands on the EQ, the more opportunities for experimentation.

It should also be remembered that the acoustic properties of rooms in clubs and studios have different properties and without the equalizer DJ speaker can not do. Beginners jockeys should be remembered that owners of low-budget clubs, which will have to stand at the beginning of DJ-career, usually do not even think about the acoustic properties of the premises, confining spaces suspended ceilings (Which is very unpleasant to resonate) and having mediocre dance floor and equipment. In this case, the equalizers can achieve a good result. In many remote controls EQ section includes a very nice feature of terrible name Kill. It allows you to 'kill', that is to cut off frequencies in the band at the touch of a button. Scott Mead spoke with conviction.

BPM BPM (Beat Per Minute) – is the number of bits (or beats) per minute. Every style of music, each musical composition in the rate are different. Those familiar with music literacy, know the approximate distribution of the rate of sol-fa (Largo, Grave, Adagio, etc.) that match a certain number of beats. For the correct information to tracks true match BPM of tracks that did not work the imbalance between the tracks ('perebitovki'). For this DJ mixer and supplied with counters BPM.

Youthful Attire After 50

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After forty years, the figure changes frequently. However, good nutrition and sensible exercise can help maintain a good figure. Tips on selection of designer clothing at this age are needed. A good fashion designer knows what to do with changing shape, and the clothes you poshet in his workshop, you'll also look stylish and modern, as well as in 30 years. A few tips from the designer, how to dress after 40: – The first must understand that the established trends in clothing is more important than changing fashion – Do not try to copy his own daughter – Know your figure shape, and place it (Types of female figures) – Choose the right underwear. A well-designed wardrobe ensures that you will always be things that are appropriate for each case. Probably, after forty, and even more so after fifty or sixty shopping process to become less spontaneous, and generally better organized. Maybe not buying clothes gives you pleasure, then book sewing in my studio.

I'll make you a garment that not only suits you but for your age and lifestyle. Not worry about the means, you do not need a huge fortune to dress well and look younger! The basic wardrobe consisting of 2-3 high-quality design things the best colors of your palette, allow limit by adding a few well-chosen accessory or blouses to work all together for you, not against you. Type of clothing that you like to wear, depending on your taste and personal preference. By modifying these preferences, and in keeping with the times, you look young much dolshe.Proanalizirovav and define your style, you can make more informed choices when selecting odezhdy.Kogda you make clear This understand why prefer the classic style sports..


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In Europe, the fight against piracy of video and is a long time, and our open spaces has come a bit later. Prospective buyers react to combat illegal copying of disks it depends. Thus, the relatively restrained reaction the middle class, because they can afford to purchase a license sometimes drive. Policy of the state actively supports the elite, as it believes that profits will lead to legal studios quality improvement. But those people whose income is defined as "below average" in many ways against and blames for the infringement of their rights, the Government. Sheryl Sandberg has much experience in this field. Indeed, a regular license to buy discs large proportion of citizens do not can afford and are forced to settle for copies. As far as the copied DVD-discs really are inferior as the original? The answer is ambiguous.

Usually it happens that pirated copies of a particular film can be to find a totally different quality. How do you explain the fact that it happens? All very elementary. Because the demand creates supply. Thus, even banal licensed DVD does not exist when the picture just goes to rent. But many people want to buy a motion picture on the disc and watch it at home, not walking in the theater. So, the pirates quickly throw advantage in the market game, "ekranok." After some time, for example, in a country manufacturers producing license disk with this film.

Pirates transferred his studio rather formal, and can again count on a huge share of income. And there are translations of different levels – met enough quality odnogolosy or even double-voiced interpretation. And finally, the pirates can simply copy the license disk, if the film has already been officially dubbed. Duplication DVD-ROM drive is still popular and profitable, as is usually pirate translation can be found palpably before the official. Moreover, the official release happens to be there and is not expected. Solving this problem depends not on the arbitrary decisions of officials and politicians from the correction licensed video. If the sale of licensed DVD-ROM drive, and film industry as a whole, will be closer to the standard viewer, the problem of piracy and completely lost. Because every other conditions being equal choose what qualitatively, and that which is legal. And while the main part of the video market is a clandestine copying DVD-ROM drive, and the state in many ways is trying to solve this dilemma. It's no secret that drives replication is extremely common, it is not an easy one, plus protection yourselfers can hack a few days.

Sewing Machines

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The correct choice of fabric and sewing speed – the key to successful work on the sewing machine. Let's take a little research to this statement was clear. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit cloud computing. Needles Singer company can be of different sizes and types, so used for various purposes. There are several stages of sewing items, and each stage requires its own type and size of the needle. Universal needles are for sewing different fabrics, for example, cotton and linen. Needle with a rounded tip perfect for tissues such as jersey.

This needle is able to push the threads of the fabric and the loops and thus passes smoothly between the threads without damaging the material. There is a special type of needle with the cutting edge for sewing leather, suede, vinyl and similar materials. Double-needle – a special type of needle that creates a decorative stitches. There is a wide choice of different needle embroidery machines. These needles are indispensable when working on an embroidery machine, because they do not damage the material and thread. To work on overlock also requires special needles, and will require a much larger variety needle than when using conventional sewing machines.

However, overlock can be different and therefore still ongoing debate regarding the most appropriate size needle overlock. For tailoring of products from light fabric such as crepe, and Chiffon, you will need needles size 9 / 70 or 11/80. For sewing velvet and linen fabrics are usually used needles size 14/90. And for the sewing of heavy denim or recommend the use of needles size 16 / 100 ili18/110. Please be sure to that the chosen type of needle used for tissue, with which you are going to work. This will prevent the occurrence of unexpected events. Needles Singer firms are of high quality and therefore great cope with task.

European Citizenship

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The only time you need to come to Bulgaria – after the decree on awarding of citizenship. You will need to obtain a passport (domestic and foreign). This procedure takes several days. We will provide you full support in Bulgaria. Will this cause any complications. o The state has effectively existing legal system and rapidly growing economic indicators – 7% annually.

o Excellent geographical location, sea, mountains (skiing resorts of the European significance, developed tourist infrastructure). Wonderful climate (in winter -4 18 C in summer +26-32 C), which combines sea, mountain and forest air, mineral water and a long warm period attract a large number of tourists and immigrants from the CIS countries as well as Europe. o well well-established infrastructure: a cheap cellular and Internet communications, cable television, the widespread Internet network, excellent transport links, low prices for cars (foreign cars are cheaper than in Russia by 50% and sold in installments). o The second country in Europe to provide housing, respectively low prices. Investing in real estate makes a profit 20% per annum. o European level of insurance and health care. o Good level of education, particularly higher education (young people from Greece and Cyprus uchatsya at universities in Bulgaria), the price is symbolic. o Accommodation prices are very low (3-5 times lower than in Europe).

Low cost of goods and services, affordable housing, as well as adopted by the People's Assembly in February 2005 amendment to the law on sale of land to allow foreign individuals to acquire land and property in Bulgaria, make Bulgaria one of the best European countries to the life and investments. o Orthodox religion. o Cultural, quiet, friendly people with respect and even love for the Russian. o Related Languages (conspiracy after 2-3 months, if you just watch TV, you will understand everything almost immediately). Bulgarian passport (passport), which requires no visa, you mozhete move freely throughout Europe, and after 2007 will be eligible to live and work with Bulgarian passport in each European state (from Germany to England) – you citizenship in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Citizenship – European Citizenship! Bulgarian passport – European passport! With European citizenship European passport and all of Europe belongs to you. Visa-free travel – it's just the beginning. Bulgarian passport today – need. Bulgarian citizenship – your most valuable investment. Note: Not required knowledge of Bulgarian language, to get Bulgarian citizenship. Obtaining Citizenship in Bulgaria. You retain your current citizenship. Bulgaria does not notify your home that you have received Bulgarian citizenship.

Store Summer Coat

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You say, “Oh, how I love my coat.” But is this true? Coat must not only wear, but also to care for her. The fur is generally very demanding of himself. He does not like hot weather, the sun too … and so on, but more on that later. Any fur stuff you need properly stored. Here you can brag that you know how to properly store your favorite coat? It often happens that with the coming of spring and the first drops, we hang his favorite coat in the closet, naively believing that it did not happen. But then, taking his coat from the closet, it can not find: matted fur, there was a strange smell, and perhaps in some places, it ate a mole.

And then we run into a panic in the very first studio to repair clothing, where we hear something like this: “We can restore the beauty of your coat, but it will be very expensive.” And we tearfully pay the money to re-wear your favorite coat. That is why things need to be fur properly stored. But a lot of it is not thinking. And to preserve the beauty of fur is very simple. Of course, fur things are best kept in a hanging position in the room where the temperature does not exceed + 10 degrees. There are even special cameras that support optimal temperature in 4 – 7 degrees, where no moth coat is not terrible. But because we have to basically keep our coats at home, then talk about it. Before you remove the coat in the closet, it must carefully examine it.

Matted to comb areas of rare comb from the tips of the pile. In the case of heavy contamination of fur, fur coat is to give a specialized dry cleaner. And only after that can hang his coat in a well ventilated, spacious, dark cupboard, away from the batteries and other heat sources. Of course, remove the cabinet can only be well-dried product. Coat to dry to a well-ventilated area, in the shade, away from heat devices. If the fur is dried quickly, it becomes brittle. From direct sunlight, light fur can also turn yellow, dark – vytsvetet. Need to hang his coat on a large, wide coat hanger with a long neck – strong and sturdy. At this coat will not lose custody of their shape. Do not spray any chemical compositions near the fur, including hair spray, insect repellent, toilet water, perfume. Absorbed into the skin after a while will be felt unpleasant odor. And alcohol contained in perfumes and toilet water – dry skin. To keep the fur the whole, be sure to put the tool rack of the moth. It can be as traditional remedies (branches of wild rosemary, orange peel, geranium), and new chemicals such as naphthalene. It really choose. And during the summer shake things fur. If you need to translate the coat, then provide her adequate ventilation. Even if you need thing to keep in your bag, make sure the cloth bags are well breathable. Never Pack your fur in plastic! That’s all you need for safe storage of fur. As you can see it’s not complicated. One last tip: at least once a year contact with professionals in specialized firms for the storage and care of fur. This will help you keep your fur things for many years. PS The article was taken from the site – studio to repair clothing.


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What everyone wants to come back and home after work, man who had a bad day? That's right, relax and relax! Typically, one chooses for itself already known methods of relaxation and uplift your mood. But as the rest, so that within a few minutes to remove stress from every cell in the body? The best assistant in the-water. She and relax, relieve stress and no negatives and would not leave. As always, help can come home shower and bath, a shower .. but do not want to stand and bathroom not swim .. remains a win-win-pool! If you're thinking about your own swimming pool, go serious about this "issue". And more specifically pay attention to waterproofing. Waterproofing is one of the most important types of work that is responsible for your peace of mind and health.

Waterproofing provides normal operation of the facilities, increasing their reliability and durability. Make sure that the work of waterproofing has been done carefully, as it is, it provides water resistance and tightness of the assembly: the walls, tray inserts elements. Overall hydro pool is a mixture of elastic, which is applied to the inner surface of the pool after the alignment of the two layers. The main thing is that the distribution was uniform layer of waterproofing and also eliminate even minimal damage. Understand all this myself, of course, not easy, so is trust in the professionals. Just do not be afraid to ask your questions. There are many various types of waterproofing.

The Account

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Do they trade or attract outside companies for work on terms "franchise" – all this generates huge cash flows for the operator. What prevents type, in the future, mobile banking or mobile supermarkets? In this case – is a product from you at a distance of only a few keystrokes on your mobile phone. Perhaps in the near future, will be introduced opportunities, pay utility bills and Internet service providers. Already, many mobile phone manufacturers contracts with various service providers, to market their services through mobile terminals. Today's mobile phones are unique devices that can and are able to be assistant to the owner. Most functions can be delivered to them on their own, or just digging in the network. In general, so do the people who are familiar with the device, as well as methods to synchronize with your computer. Others prefer use the services of operators.

Order a weather forecast or paid surveys, daily new material on topics that interest you, or paid expert advice. All that, today, is available for the client – just buy it. As we can see in computer science, for example, blurring the line between smartphones, PDAs, electronic books. Similarly, in the field of electronic money: Mobile operators could become something of a calculated centers and banks. In fact – the mobile phone is your personal purse with a certain balance in the account and the usual electronic payment systems, it differs only in that with this "purse" in automatic mode withdraw money to talk. Also – for access to your "mobile wallet" you do not need to carry laptop, relevant programs, etc. Mobile phones have a much wider distribution, rather than the best-known payment system in the world.

The only question is – when for the development of this area in greater volume will set operators. So far, the first steps in this direction, making mobile Operators and vendors of mobile content. But who knows, maybe in the near future – will fundamentally new development of new markets for goods via mobile phones. Most likely, intrusive advertising proposals and fraud in mobile communications satellites and other negative trade relations also priydut with mobile commerce, but it – is another story. More useful information:

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