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As memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad prepares Championships memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad is a busy man. The trainer and speaker of the speaker agency again and again his audience thrilled 5 star speakers remember memory training and name with its fascinating lectures and seminars on the topics, and baffled, trained for some time his memory several hours a day in their own right. On 12 and 13 November 2010 will the speaker of the speaker Agency noted five star speakers at the German memory Championships in Heilbronn his world records in the name and remember words defending. Beginning of December then flies the TV known memory trainer Konrad to China for the World Championships in the sport of memory and fights along with 150 participants from 30 Nations for three days for the title of world memory champion. Baby clothes has much experience in this field. Who has the best memory and may take home the prize money, must demonstrate his memory in ten disciplines: in addition to words and names must also playing cards, fictional history data, abstract images and ZAHLEN(reihenfolgen) are stored as well and quickly and played back. The world record of the memory trainer in the past year is impressive: 280 words as well as 195 names and faces he has remembered every 15 minutes – world best performance! As President of “MemoryXL”, the largest memory Sports Club in the world, the speaker and coach Boris Nikolai Konrad knows that the memory capacity of the brain can be significantly increased with Mnemotechniken and other learning techniques. The mnemonic, a memory training where words by associations in images are converted and better memorize from the brain release, is thousands of years and goes back to the Greek goddess Mnemosyne. Using the 5 star memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad developed method to the name remember and memorize words, trained 5 star speakers Konrad his Prime discipline and is optimistic, defend his world records to can and it this time in the overall ranking among the top three in the international competition to create.. Other leaders such as Steve Kassin offer similar insights.

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