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unknown lessee as a tenant, their economic success does not have the runtime cannot be guaranteed) or funds with known warranty and lease partners, bring the then usually slightly less return. Also the prospected time and involved costs (E.g. marketing) are important. Currency risks are circumstances, and depending where the lessee has its seat. Another remarkable point is the type of aircraft.

Just in terms of marketing (port lease or sale), there is quite a difference whether, for example, a modern Airbus A380 or an old”funded by Boeing 737. The tax treatment of income can vary also, such as income from renting and leasing or as income from business. A similarly conservative sales approach often allows a tax-free receipt of the sale proceeds (minimum holding period of 10 years). Yield potential and advantages and disadvantages of aircraft funds basically allow aircraft Fund yields between 7 and 13 percent. However, it should be Investor – watch instead of only on the return to go cross-eyed – necessarily on the terms of the underlying lease agreement. In addition to credit and risk of the lessee or purchaser in particular that a port lease or not is possible after the scheduled initial term in planned risk. The plane has accordingly lost value and therefore it is questionable whether it can be further leased or sold appropriately. In addition, the General risks of investments in closed-end funds occur.

But there are some advantages to investments in aircraft funds: similar in real estate funds is in a real value invested, which thus represents an inflation-protected and to some extent also insolvency-resistant form of investment. Even if insolvency is a company concerned still the aircraft itself exists. The rental of the aircraft is performed usually with a long-standing binding so that these earnings are also very safe. Support affect the generally good market prospects of air traffic for the next in addition Years: the passenger – and freight traffic is steady growth subject to, which increases the need for appropriate carriers. Bottom line investing in closed-end funds of aircraft is a comparatively safe and promising investment in a steadily rising market. Apart from a few special risks General risks of entrepreneurial investments occur, which are however mitigated by an asset protection compared to other closed Fund investments. Necessarily to be recommended is still any interested parties to inform in detail relevant prior to an engagement. A good opportunity for this purpose for the free and independent Internet platform More info advantages and opportunities of closed-end funds aircraft closed aircraft funds

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