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Child be or just grow up? Fired back at 12:30! Constantly, we live in worry about our pension and watch with mixed emotions on the demographic development. What we need is young, which contributes to securing the pensions and the social safety net by his labour force. There, you must be happy when there are (still) children. However, the need has also its downside after payment of pension contributions. The offspring is only one child, before he becomes a factor of production. And children, should we still know from their own experience, like to play. And children playing loud, cheerful, even cursing and carelessly – are just children.

And that in turn does not fit everyone, especially the pensioners. Yesterday a letter of a house owner showed me, which makes me very thoughtful, brings to the seething anger but also sad makes the letter clearly shows what a wonderful country we live. In a country in which pretend adults, they would never have been child. In a country that is based, that the renewable generation pensions the old paid. In a country that complains when the social network gets holes, because no young talent there is. In a country where the ancient wonder that so many boy to a psychiatrist go. In a country where entrepreneurs complain, because there are so many rules applicable to undertakings, but apparently to little rules, when it comes to their own private benefits.

Cited here the letter in a shortened version, the essential points: we want you again politely ask students to point out, that the Court surface is not a public school and a private parking lot. The Association has informed us already on the House Administration held that the Court should also be used please in this sense. In the meantime entered into a complaint of an owner with us. Therefore the students during breaks without supervision, resulting in further complaints are: snowball fights against freshly painted walls and Windows, among others with snow from the parked cars of the owner Repeated ring cleaning at the owner of xy harassment and pollution by throwing snow in the input area of the XYZ the latter have my husband and one of his staff in a drive-by most.

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