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This is called positive reinforcement. Of course, the head of the company, undertaking a project to improve the enterprise of resources should be guided only by way of positive motivation or future of the company, which will not cause stress his personal and company employees. Suppose the head of the company created for itself an image of the future of the company is constantly endeavoring to programming it into the subconscious. It is also not an easy task, but entirely dependent on the manager. Suppose he was able to program the subconscious mind of the habit – to believe unconditionally in the ideal enterprise. How to program a habit in the subconscious of his subordinates? Sometimes managers do not even try to take steps to programming the subconscious of his subordinates the ideal picture of the company.

Head thinks he can make the order a subordinate to change their habits. In this case, he will resort to the so-called "negative motivation." Subordinate experiencing much resistance your subconscious will find a thousand reasons to prove that all their old habits and correct them should not be changed. Even those subordinates who are experiencing chronic stress today, will resist changing their habits, as they do not see the end result. And what about those subordinates who are satisfied with the current state of the enterprise. Their subconscious will resist the most. As a result of head face complete lack of understanding and invited a bunch of studies, from which it will follow that leave everything as is – the best solution to date. If the manager does not believe himself finally in the possibility of ideal company, not programmed your subconscious mind to this ideal image – the probability of success of the project change is very small. We have examples of successful projects, where the head, which has certain authority, believes in the outcome of the project changes, and made use of his subordinates are new ways of working.

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