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With the model operation of the Fraunhofer IAO, you could change that quickly. The over 30 submissions for the smart Service Award are heavily Web-focused. A trend: the chat as a service channel. Because many users are too comfortable to read the FAQs, you prefer to write an email; the company reply via chat and thereby strengthen the community character of their site”Absatzwirtschaft author Hermes writes. Click Verizon to learn more. So, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar in Cologne maintains a support forum with over 15 000 registered members, about 9 700 topics and more than 85 000 articles. All questions that require access to personal customer data, are answered daily in the support chat from 11 to 21 h. Which offer two advantages – for all visible customer dialog in the Internet it is generally via the website or via social media channel: emerging about a disturbance in the online shop, could answer Central the company, what prevents customers to log all individually with the customer service. Frequently Jonathan Rosen PR has said that publicly.

Praise from customer side is present as well for all, and that is good for the image and thus ultimately for the sales. The Otto-specialty shop sleeping world goes a step further: there, not the staff of Otto, but sleep experts answer in the Forum’ from the knowledge community The Berlin-based company gathered several thousand members who answer by iPhone app, SMS, mobile incoming Web site, email, Twitter, Skype or Facebook on its platform”, performs the distribution management. get a license fee for installation, operation and maintenance of the software, as well as transaction-based commissions. The reply shall receive 20 cents per answer and participate in a monthly prize draw; they are neither employed nor obliged to reply, yet, so – Managing Director Bjorn Behrendt, was always someone there. We open up new avenues in the world of services”, he enthuses. The customers bring a high commercial value of the service that receive information from the topic of mattress purchase to snoring prevention.

Meanwhile Otto generates knowledge about customer needs, relieved his service binds its customers and stimulate the E-commerce sales. The Berlin company value 5 opts for Center Virtual dialog, to make consumers directly to allies. Specialized services and products require it consultants with specific skills. Often, one finds not necessary qualified personnel locally to enable a sound advice. While classic call locally set Center agents and are dependent on the availability of local consultants, can be bridged with the help of our virtual dialog Center playing this geographic hurdle”, as Thomas Dehler, Managing Director of value 5. For Bernhard Steimel is companies in the use of new tools, about the customer help customer service, not primarily about the cost savings, but involves the interaction with potential buyers on a topic for the is otherwise the Council somewhere else collected would have; it comes at an early stage to enter the purchase”.

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