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Do they trade or attract outside companies for work on terms "franchise" – all this generates huge cash flows for the operator. What prevents type, in the future, mobile banking or mobile supermarkets? In this case – is a product from you at a distance of only a few keystrokes on your mobile phone. Perhaps in the near future, will be introduced opportunities, pay utility bills and Internet service providers. Already, many mobile phone manufacturers contracts with various service providers, to market their services through mobile terminals. Today's mobile phones are unique devices that can and are able to be assistant to the owner. Most functions can be delivered to them on their own, or just digging in the network. In general, so do the people who are familiar with the device, as well as methods to synchronize with your computer. Others prefer use the services of operators.

Order a weather forecast or paid surveys, daily new material on topics that interest you, or paid expert advice. All that, today, is available for the client – just buy it. As we can see in computer science, for example, blurring the line between smartphones, PDAs, electronic books. Similarly, in the field of electronic money: Mobile operators could become something of a calculated centers and banks. In fact – the mobile phone is your personal purse with a certain balance in the account and the usual electronic payment systems, it differs only in that with this "purse" in automatic mode withdraw money to talk. Also – for access to your "mobile wallet" you do not need to carry laptop, relevant programs, etc. Mobile phones have a much wider distribution, rather than the best-known payment system in the world.

The only question is – when for the development of this area in greater volume will set operators. So far, the first steps in this direction, making mobile Operators and vendors of mobile content. But who knows, maybe in the near future – will fundamentally new development of new markets for goods via mobile phones. Most likely, intrusive advertising proposals and fraud in mobile communications satellites and other negative trade relations also priydut with mobile commerce, but it – is another story. More useful information:

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