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Eco fashion for human rights from the artists Studio show the pictures of a collapsed textile factory in Bangladesh with hundreds of dead there these days once more: the cheap fashion in this country is elsewhere of people expensive with their health or even their lives paid. Inhuman working conditions, low pay, toxic fumes, dangerous jobs: Clothing cheap to make, big brand companies nothing seem to shy away. Two who had had enough of it, are ANA & ANDA, pair of artists from Karlsruhe, Germany. The two extravagant women dress like pants suits with matching silk accessories such as scarves, ties and fly. ANA & ANDA tell “when the suits we long rely on Second-Hand goods – the number of well-stocked shops is rising constantly luckily”. When flying, silk scarves and ties but they had found no fair produced alternatives. Because the look, throw the two women on the production conditions, the strict and goes to the raw materials back. “What good is us the tie made in Germany or Italy, if the Silk for this again comes from dubious sources in Asia?”, they ask critically. The artists, advocating for human rights for many years with music and performing arts, took the issue into their own hands: they founded the eco fashion label “sustainable elegance” 2010 and find, establishing ties, flies and cloths from fair-trade organic silk itself. To achieve the highest degree of sustainability, they relate only uncolored, white organic silk. They do everything else in their Karlsruhe artists Studio itself: of colouring through the cutting and sewing to packaging and shipping. That the ties and flying scarves must meet the highest standards this self-evident when ANA & ANDA: after all, they wear their bio-silk accessories themselves during their performances on stage. “But a beautiful side-effect is that we allow” the artists explain individual manufacture any color can offer desire”. Matching ties and fly to wedding dresses, shirts or suits have become its speciality, even Bridal Shoes were sent as a color swatch in the artists Studio. The clientele is often the matching color in the foreground. “For us, but the most important is to be able to prove that textile production also works without exploitation with the bio silk accessories still!”, say ANA & ANDA. And disappear in her Studio to produce fair trade accessories made of organic silk between the samples for their concerts. More about the “sustainable elegance”: more about ANA & ANDA: press area with interviews, background reports and photos: ANA & ANDA Werder RT 70 76137 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721 384 16 84 and 830 61 29

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