TESIS DYNAware – Simulation Framework DYNA4 2.1

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Simplified handling, and new interfaces the latest version 2.1 of the simulation framework DYNA4 expands the possibilities of integration on the one hand and on the other hand focuses on simplification for the simulation users. So, virtual test drives with DYNA4 can be controlled completely about the freeware test automation EXAM. Integrating medini unite allows easy visual comparison of model easy to understand model changes in DYNA4. For detailed thermal management studies pen models can be integrated in the DYNA4 model library (model repository). So there are more options to use DYNA4 with an existing infrastructure efficiently. To enable optimum Benutzerworkflows it, DYNA4 offers 2.1 significant simplifications for simulation users. For the test runs on the PC or HIL required (model) users now no Simulink knowledge more, but puts together the virtual test vehicle via the selection menu and configured the scheduled test manoeuvres in DYNA4 or for example in the Test automation EXAM.

Integration and connectivity options provides flexibility DYNA4 as open and modular simulation platform since the beginning of the full integration of existing customers Simulinkmodelle including model -, data – and project management. To exploit the existing enterprise infrastructure and associated know-how, now more interfaces created, such as for example a generic XML-RPC API to automate DYNA4. This interface full integration was realized as an example with EXAM test automation, which can perform functional tests with complex and parameterized test manoeuvres at the HIL. Other test automation tools can be connected as well. Also a link to medini unite, now exists via context menu making a Simulink model comparison is very simple graphically comprehensible. It can be quickly and clearly the local version of the project compared also variety in the model repository. Through the integration of The thermal behavior in the vehicle can be included in the interpretation Powertrain in hybrid and electric vehicles in detail pen heat management models.

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