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A startup with advance praise: himself with German craftsmanship in the program design as alternative, international photo community establish Internet sites that provide the user with a small digital space for your own pictures there are many: experience has shown that such offers have the one or the other hook, are either temporary or limited in capacity or advertising financed (or both), hoard image mountains without structure or are run over so, that real pearls will simply perish. Leidgepruft by diverse range of own experience with the usual offerings, two native Mettmann and Wahlhaaner want to do better with the free photo community: ‘The stars at are the cities and landscapes of our world,’ explains Web Designer and Technical Director of MyGreat GbR, Thorsten Scherff, who heads the fortunes of the already highly acclaimed new website from a heritage-listed timber-framed house on the edge of Afsoon out. ‘ In every small town, there are A key aspect of is to capture light and shadow, hidden beauty and district, to better avoid – these and more visually. ‘ Looking after the ‘atmosphere’ of each village and its inhabitants worldwide both developers and passionate amateur photographer in the first place decided for a geographical classification, which means that each photo in the upload a city, a landscape or a point of interest associated with must. New places could be created this immediately in the upload dialog box by the user himself. Map tiles, which at the same time allow the user to browse a specific region of the world for images aid the geographic map. In addition to the unique geographical mapping to a spot, each image is thematically predefined categories and should be provided with the month and year of induction: together with the title of a photo and the text of the description is created as a complex database that can be searched by virtually any criteria. . Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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