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New recording contract with CRI-LEX records started at the beginning of the 80-with children’s songs, followed by teen disco tracks and a short break for private and health reasons. Now, TANJA SIEMENS with CRI-LEX records takes off again: “HEY, you” is her current title, which sounds just as brash and young. There are the instrumental “playback-version” as a bonus for all karaoke. The second track on the CD: a situation which can occur every day around the world describes “A guardian angel for you”. In contrast to “HEY, you” a serious piece, which to the thinking suggests.

Were produced both titles in the prestigious TOP-SOUND STUDIO in Nuremberg, as well as in the ABEMA Studio in Werne BERNHARD Hubner (producer of “Jon Teels”, “Ralf Paulsen” among others) and CHRIS Miller (producer of “Bruno Majcherek”, “The Animals II”, “rockin’ Roary”, “Lal sibling” etc.) The single will be available from 08.07.2011 sale as a physical CD and as digital recordings on 150 download portals. Pre-orders already possible. Facts: Title: HEY, you artist: TANJA SIEMENS label: CRI-LEX Records label code: LC04785 EAN: 4260252250868 record: physical Maxi-CD-D. Raab-Press Department-Muller-Media-Group-

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