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Working Attitude

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So it is not convincing the complaints that we do not have, because there is no experience. Only manage to demonstrate their working attitude, and the employer will give you your hug. So for those who at university trying to gain experience on the profile of their future specialty, very good prospects. So glad to competitors employers forever, especially when it comes to technical specialists. In very rare where you hear that, well, we have no time to train and "bring to mind" frames, we need trained specialists. This position is usually small and highly specific companies where you really need only held a pro. In Overall, almost all large companies gladly take on the training of students, provide them the best opportunities for learning in practice the basics of a future profession. Here and mentors, and sparing operation, and the possibility of writing the thesis.

And if you can prove yourself a promising officer, most likely, an invitation to work in a school year – at least two or three days a week, it will be convenient. For young professionals who have demonstrated their interest in their future profession, the desire to grow, evolve, many companies create a completely unique environment, offering both permanent employment and wages much more prestigious than the one you can rely on fellow students made light of in the training practice. Often, in order to consolidate the promising young professional leadership is even individual system of payment for his work, which sometimes even envious of bison production.