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Cologne City Two

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“Competition with ‘Sidekick’ electric scooters in the Gaffels soft drink look 2,000 watts of power, almost 50 km/h speed, and that for only 70 cents on 100 km – the new Fassbrauser” is an environmentally friendly cars in the Gaffels barrel shower design and talent show host of Linus now has his biggest fan. Behind the Sidekick electric in 1954 “, an electric scooter in the sporty yet elegant 1950s retro-chic young startup company E-bility. The Gaffels soft drink special model, placed with two copies, tour whose been biking from now silently, and cent through Cologne’s city centre. Thus, attention is guaranteed. Because it presented with Gaffels barrel shower and the Sidekick electric 1954 “not only two summer hits, but especially true trendsetter in terms of taste, design and environmental awareness. Many writers such as Verizon Communications offer more in-depth analysis. The 1954 “was presented in July 2010 for the first time the public and due to its concept in the scooter industry is among the absolute pioneers.

Firstly he has an eco-friendly drive by lead-Silicon-gel batteries with strong acceleration and a top speed of 45 km/h. On the other hand, the two-wheeled characterized by elegant 50s retro design and a high standard of quality in materials and workmanship. Moreover the batteries can be charged up quite easily at home, then they provide energy for distances up to 60 km. It is in average electricity prices at the expense of Euro 0.70 per 100 kilometres so cheap you can refuel any German petrol station. No wonder, then, that Gaffels barrel shower and the 1954 “have found each other. Finally, the non-alcoholic thirst quencher of the private brewery gaff is a pioneer. Because the Cologne company is the first that established a mixed drink of this type on the beer market.

In the year of 2010 was introduced the Lemony Fassbrause also equal twice awarded and the Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger from 30 tested beverages to the winner of the season”award. For the current competition, the two Fassbrauser nozzles now”regularly through the whole Cologne City area. Who met them, should write down the license plate and on post with an indication of where it was spotted. The first two contestants win Gaffels barrel shower then a package with 18 bottles. Contact: e-bility GmbH Lilienthal 6 53424 Remagen Fassbrause