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You can draw a general conclusion from all of the above – not to put off buying a suit at the outlet of the last day, wear old shoes, which are more suited to jeans, and my father's tie with polka dots. Thus, the main rule success – a suit should ideally sit: there should be no wrinkles, bubbles and wrinkles! Pick up a suit at the store will be difficult, especially in the youthful figure – at 17 years old boys are usually tall and thin, but in this case or jacket will be great, or short pants. It is in this case it is necessary to use the services studio. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. Professional cutters out there will take into account all the features of shape and has a free choice of material, color and, most importantly, style. Of course, the classic costume never gets old, but is not it better to be stylish and relevant in light of current fashion trends. Staylish-jacket – one of the most popular novelties of fashion in a series of well-forgotten old.

Jacket, by definition, is a jacket with a turtleneck, which is worn without a tie. When individual orders in studio you get to various locations of pockets, choose the number and color of buttons, and as an exclusive metallic thread embroidery on yours or already finished sketch. To complete the beautiful image, but also to critically look not for what was to catch, pick up shoes that fit exactly to this costume. The shirt can be any color at your discretion. Do not forget the strap to the pants, which is in color and texture will match the shoes. Well, now you are ready for prom – the first step into adulthood.