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Improve Quality Of Life With Better Stress Management

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The diseases are usually observed: Stress ulcer Shock States Post Traumatic Neurosis Neurosis Postsurgical State Obstetrical 2) Pathology of Chronic Stress. The persistence of the individual to the stressors for months or even years, produces more permanent diseases with greater importance and more serious. Stress produces physiological changes initially, but his persistence eventually produce serious chronic psychological disorders and sometimes vital target organ failure. Here are some of the most frequent alterations: Dyspepsia Gastritis Anxiety Panic Anxiety Disorders Sexual Dysfunction Accidents Family Dysfunction Hypertension Education Frustration Insomnia Myocardial Infarction Nervous Colitis Cerebral Thrombosis Migraine Addictions Depression Psychosis Severe Behaviors Aggression antisocial Advantages Al manifest must stress management, the same people involved, consider what it represents and take the necessary measures to prevent in the future it is revealed. The fact that a company be invited to be attentive at all what might be causing the stress is operating and affecting the organizational climate.

Represents a clear direct indicator of the degree of health to every social organization, their structure, their businesses, relationships, ways and means of production. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. At present, it is essential the participation of companies and employers to improve working environments, stimulating the development of their workers to increase productivity, yields, quality of work and of course the health of their employees . New trends in human resource management and labor, provide for significant changes in traditional patterns of leadership styles, hierarchies, participation and internal communication processes of productive organizations aimed at fostering better organizational climate that fosters the development, improvement and performance of its workers. The susceptibility of workers is an important factor to consider, and therefore, in populations or groups of exposed workers collectively to causal factors of stress, there is a wide field of research in the field of actions for disease prevention. Further studies are needed on job stress accurately identifying the degree of participation of the factors of stress.