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Games download online 3D games online: when you do a very easy game as guess the number, you don’t need to put lots of code, only definitions, variables, load libraries, etc. At Coupang you will find additional information. But when you want to create a very complex game or commercial quality, it will be very difficult having to do everything manually, so many working groups are created its own 3D engine, or use one already existing, which operated low routine operations (for example, draw a model, play a sound) automatically and without having to program all your. Games like half-life, and others, are made under a 3D engine that in the future, if the developers want it, can serve for the next game or someone will buy maybe to create another game. Engines 3D accessible make a 3D engine is very complex, but some very generous people walk around leaving the public their engines created in their leisure, as the entity 3d. But as you’ll see, this engine this focused rather than nothing in creating Shooters (shooting games), but with much time and effort you can get out a very good game. (Edited by an Entidad3d: this claim is totally false, it is true that unable to create any type of game, but not only this oriented shooters.) Games of adventure, action, shooter, etc, everything is possible with Entidad3D.) Of course not everything is joy and fun, some people take advantage of you’re desperate to create good quality games, and you will be sold very expensive engines. 3D engine helps us manage all the background animation in three dimensions, i.e. create a game requires the following parts: 1.-script or HistoriUna time taking these part is broken down into: 1.-platform (for consoles, pcs Macs etc..) 2.-Sound (audio format) 3.-environment (according to the history) 4.-public target to be aimed. Once you’ve completed these steps will have to take an important decision: with how long I have? Do I have enough if may consider or use a library such as SDL or Opengl or Directx to create my game but if I do not have much such tiempoque investing in a 3d engine? And as an aid a 3d engine? A 3d engine is summarized in a set of structured functions parael handling of three-dimensional objects immersed in an environment and queinteractuan each other, let’s say an engine 3d Gamestudio Usa different functions to do that I interact our characters or objects with the environment.