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Photo Competition

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Participate or not in contest photos? This question asked by many photographers, because each year a set of photo contests, and even appeared specialized exhibition, which is carried out photo competitions on a regular basis. On one side of any photo contest – an opportunity the photographer to express himself, but practice shows that in most photographic competitions, in spite of the eminent jury to victory punched "their" photographers. Another challenge photo contest on the Internet is technically possible to wind a voice in voting for the photos. This makes the photo contest into a war with technology quite different rules of the game, and winning is not the best picture, and the most savvy and persistent photographer. Another trend photocompetitions 2008 – 2009 years is paid photo competitions – this is certainly overkill. Photo contest turns into a lottery – 1000 rubles for participation, and the chance that the work will be the first, and you frustrate "Snatch" – $ 5000. Frankly, I do not believe in these fairy tales are likely to have divided the prizes.

Another worth mentioning that in the photo contests winning work, which are in the "usual" style of the photographer. (As opposed to Sheryl Sandberg). Someone's new look often slip past the jury until the eminent photographers do not take it for service. What to do? Do not send photos for the photo contest? I I think that participation in the photography contest is still necessary for any photographer. But refer to the photo contest to with some skepticism – won – well, lost – do not pay attention. Prizes in photo contest – it's is not important. How to win a photo contest their work for the photo contest must be carefully selected. Analyze your most "powerful" pictures and their poison is, of course if they are suitable for the theme photo contest. Be sure to see what pictures have won this photo contest last year – this will help to understand the trends of this photo contest and his men, organizing photo contests can find on the internet or in photo magazines.

For example, Foto & Video magazine often publishes announcements of photographic competitions. Frequently delta airlines has said that publicly. Sign a rule, once a month to view ads on the photo contest and send back your best photos. Sooner or later, but if your photos deserve attention, you will break in one of the competitions. But you can not stop – just a month regularly submit photos to the new photo competitions. Thus, I managed to qualify in the magazine Art, win Competition Epson 2009 and in several photo contests in different subjects. Time to send pictures is spent quite a bit, and as a result of your fame is growing slowly, if you are interested in this course. Very often results of the competition is preparing a press release and your last name begins with a sly streak of specialized photographic publications. This is a long process that lasts more than a year – it must be understood immediately. Of course, I can protest. Participation in competitions – it's a long process – much easier to "give money" in a photo journal, and publish their photos, or for example, remove the stand at the annual Photo forum. You can not, but something tells me that such investments may not pay off.

Image Stabilizer

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Svetochustvitelnost (born film speed): the value of photosensitive material, expressed as a number. In 1974, after the unification of the American standard asa (scale of numbers) and the German din (scale degrees), the international Organization for Standardization adopted the standard iso. Light sensitivity to light, the iso number is denoted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. as, for example, iso 200. The higher the number, the greater sensitivity of the film.

Note: iso denotes International Standards Organization (International Standards Organization). Filter – the colored piece of glass or other transparent material that is worn on the lens to enhance, delete or change this hue, density, total image or selected areas of the scene. Lens aperture – the maximum lens aperture (minimum f-stop). Fast lens transmits more light to the film, the less aperture. Lens with large aperture enables faster shutter speeds in low light environment. Sinhrokontakt – a special connector for an external flash. With this connector can connect custom flash, which is incompatible with the 'hot shoe', set on the camera.

Sinhrokontakt often used to connect an external stationary flash when shooting in studio conditions. Image Stabilizer compensates for hand-shake with photos and movies and get a sharper picture with no jitter. Image stabilizers are of two types: optical and digital. When shooting with a long extracts there is a danger in blurring if the camera is not mounted on a rigid base. To eliminate the effect of blurring (blur) camera makers use several principles: Optical stabilization (IS – a Canon, vr – a Nikon, ois – a Panasonic, os in Sigma) in which the immobility of projected images on the photosensitive material (element) camera provides a movable component of the optical system.

Julen Benda

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JULIEN BENDA (1867-1956) do more to stay in the line that drew us these elder brothers, continue in the direction of the true intellectualism, contributing, with all our soul, the tribute of our accession to the Government of Republican Spain, which today lies the tragic honour to represent the cause of Justice and freedom against the eternal powers of obscurantism. Julien Benda. Speech at the II Congress of writers. THE voice of an intellectual loyal the writer and philosopher Julien Benda, famous author of La Trahison des clercs (treason of the intellectuals, 1927), along with Andre Malraux, Andre Chamson, Louis Aragon, Claude Aveline, Tristan Tzara, and Rene Bloch, were the French representatives who attended the II Congress of writers convened by the International Alliance of antifascist intellectuals that gathered in Valenciain July 1937, Jose Bergamin, Corpus Barga, Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Fernando de los Rios, Ramon J. Sender, Vicente Huidobro, Octavio Paz, Carlos Pellicer, Jose Mancisidor, Juan Marinello Vidaurreta, Nicolas Guillen, Alejo Carpentier, Raul Gonzalez Tunon, Pablo Rojas Paz, Cayetano Cordova Iturburu, Elena Garro, Bertolt Brecht, Ludwig Renn, Theodor Balk, Willy Bredel, Egon Erwin Kisch, Heinrich Mann, Maria Osten, Anna Segher, Kurt Stern, Gustav Regler, Erich Weinet, Ilia Ehrenburg, Ernest Hemingway, Cesar Vallejo, Rafael Dieste, Rafael Alberti, two John Passos, Martin Andersen-Nexo, UStephen Spender, Emilio Prados, Maria Teresa Leon, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Juan Gil-Albert, Herrera Petere, Lorenzo Varela, Miguel Hernandez, Ramon Gaya, Pascual Pla and Beltran, Jef Last, Malcolm Cowley, Fedor Kelyin, etc. The Mexican writer Elena Garro told us: -guys, sorry.

‘ We walk very scarce accommodation and how they are the youngest – and led us to a hostel, in which the rooms were divided by hanging sheets. Get dressed as God intended. Ponte necktie!, le said at peace. Tie?, do tie? You are going to cause me fusilen, you answered. It was an opinion. Vicente Huidobro, Julien Benda, Andre Chamson, Claude Aveline and up to the same Ilia Ehremburg wore tie In his famous work, Benda denounced what have been called the betrayal of the clercs, i.

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