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Nail Industry

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All year round a huge number of world-famous people are working up a sweat, thinking style each season, to make our lives a little brighter and more exciting. Do listen to fashion trends – a personal decision. Sir Richard Branson may help you with your research. One thing remains constant: Fashion has always been and always will be! Fashions seen everywhere. This is especially true for trends in clothes, shoes, hairstyles, make-up. Jewelry, cars, interiors, fashion and serve attributes that recommend changing almost every season. But in all this variety is not uncommon to forget about the important – on the nails. Nails also can be not just well-groomed, but also fashionable.

And in the nail industry also has their current direction. Verizon Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The phrase "meet on clothes," of course, exaggerated. At the first meeting looking at the image as a whole. And fingernails play a role. Refer to this part directly in the modern world – the bad tone. Consider the best future trends of the season.

The main trend is ubiquitous minimalism. Crisp, straight lines. Classic color combinations: black, white, red. If we turn to the form – the nails are long, regular proportions, pointed. In other words, the claws of this cat. Floral designs also remain at the height of fashion. In the trend as before various floral patterns and lace. Hip-day traditional Russian painting folk art: Khokhloma, Palekh, Gzhel and many other classical motifs also found their place in the design of nails. For many seasons in style, your nails seem most natural. Beautiful pink color with white free edge. This category includes a manicure, which is often referred to as french (ie French manicure). These nails are always in fashion, so if you are not sure what to choose, "jacket" for your best option. In autumn will be relevant nails with different accessories. Manicure choose crystals of various sizes, shapes and colors. In general, you know that fancy nails – not the main objective, but rather an important part of your image, the smallest element, who can tell a lot of your opponent, companion or friend.