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TOPLIST Of Telematics

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Telematik.TV on the transfairlog 2012 in Hamburg Telematik.TV, the sector stations, has rebuilt his studio today on the translog fair in Hamburg and charged some of the TOP providers of telematics to the interview. Already at 9:30 the lights went to in built TV Studio and only around 15:30, it passed the last TV guest. Compact the TOPLIST of telematics is rarely answered. The trade fair visitors and spectators can look forward so interesting hours with many first-hand information on six. Editor in Chief Peter Klischewsky awaited his studio guests, he will ask about the latest telematics solutions and innovative trends with. His interview partners, Managing Director of Dar + Timm include Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, GmbH, addressing in particular the transport and logistics sector with its solution “scomsens”. Europe Chief of the Finnish manufacturer Helpten Oy Mathias Srinu is expected, which will provide information about an interesting rental model for the German market.

Curious spectators on a veteran may be Telematics industry”? The mobileObjects AG, one of the local, long-established and one of the most successful providers of telematics, Board Member Frank Biermann in the Studio are expected. He returns to the mobile solution of mOTelematix information. Around noon, the Studio crew is the new”krone, notably Ralf Faust. Of course will be interesting to learn what new wind he will wear in the company of him personally. By FleetBoard said Jens Zeller to the station.

He is Director for international markets, logistics and distribution, and in this position very close to the user and their needs. The company Trimble sent Carsten Holtrup for an interview on the transfairlog. He answers questions about Trimble “Carcube”. As the only woman in this man team, Peter Klischewsky received the project manager of Messe Dusseldorf the trans fair logon Julia Jkamara man at the microphone. She certainly can be an overview of the current exhibition. In almost at the last minute Jens-Uwe ton said, his Managing Director the coup link group. He is most Afternoon is coming into the Studio. Interesting, also the conversation with Transics Sales Manager Heiko will Janssen, who will explain the benefits and effects of the telematics solution “TX-Connect” users. All in all an interesting and yet this sunny day in Hamburg for the TV crew and Studio guests.