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"Looks like I've been lucky," said Seba .- I do not think humbly yet be sufficiently prepared to receive so many compliments. She knows her daughter said she had not missed a word of my day conference we? I really felt like a great compliment, especially coming from a girl. When I knew who he was and what it has always been studious, yet I felt more flattered. "And I guarantee you and you do it again, Tati hastened to intervene before her mother take out the word that was not in any way a compliment, but the absolute truth. You were brilliant, not only by the clarity with which he presented the topic, but how you caught the audience with your tone and inflection of your voice, deliberate without being dull, which allowed to understand you without getting bored easily and that they like you I said before, who poured a lot of concepts unknown to me, who tried to retain and copy in my notebook. "You see Natasha and treat me on campus, you are very flattering," he said turning his eyes to it, which was more grim Tati, perceiving that his mother again, was the focus of the meeting and which took up to Seba absolutely. "I'm glad you feel so welcome," said Natasha, who had no doubts about the rictus of his daughter and wanted no more trying to be brought into the conversation now if you excuse me, I have to do some things. You stay here until the meal is served.