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National Bank

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Example. In our case, the bank as a base interest rate increase on credit brought by two factors: first – price hike of monetary resources in the world and Ukrainian financial markets, the second – improving discount rate of National Bank of Ukraine from 8,5% to 12%. Regarding the first factor, according to the conditions provided by our credit agreement, then it generally did not include such grounds as "the price increase of cash resources in the world and Ukrainian financial markets. To read more click here: Larry Ellison. " Regarding the second reason, the bank in order to obtain illegal profits brought in his written report false information. Loan agreement was signed in February 2008, at 12% per annum. At the time of signing the loan agreement in force Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine 492 from 29.12.2007, pursuant to which the size of the discount rate was 10%. After signing the loan contract size of the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine increased by only 2%.

Provisions of the loan agreement stipulated that the increase in interest rates is possible within the boundaries of settlements, for which increased rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. From this comes up that the bank could trigger an increase in loan interest rate only to 14% per annum. Thus, the bank's actions with respect to the initiation of increasing the interest rate for use of credit up to 15.12% per annum violate the terms of the loan agreement. Violation of bank commitments gives legal grounds for termination of the infringement issue a credit agreement.