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Solidarity Soledad

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At present the phenomenon of loneliness, is something everyday in the lives of people. Due to the pace of life, people don’t grow friendship, family ties and others, that consolidated the social circle! As well as true and sincere friendship, it is harder to find, since today, vouchers for what you have and not by who you really are as a person, as a human being. We live in a world, where the material, is the only thing important and if you have this, you’re almost always surround @, sub-dominados beings who call themselves your friends or worse still, your family! Although it is not only in this type of situation, in many cases, you can count on everything, but basically, you feel Sun @ and no output. This is why our society is in decline, increasingly. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Oracle. Our young and not so young, no longer have love and respect for life, so we cannot expect him to respect and love your neighbor. With that moral quality, we can require them, to make a better world, if they have grown up in the midst of loneliness and social indifference or family. As we can ask for something, that we must not die, that only a certain percentage of human beings, have cultivated in their children.

And painful! It is to see that this percentage will decrease with the passage of time, by being victims of other beings, who have lived immersed in a spiritual loneliness, that does not know the meaning of solidarity. Because they have a poor concept of definition, where they think to be solidarity, is to give something material and now! No, this is not so! There are many ways to be supportive. We can name several, such as: emotional solidarity; When is someone going through a bad time, where has suffered any loss or fracture in your heart, by death of a loved one, by passing for a breakup and many things related to the emotional. Fraternal solidarity: give you the comfort and family support, to beings who for one or another reason, are in a cautiously of decisions, which do not have goals defined in his life, by the blows of the same. Spiritual solidarity; show support in how to perform correct, guiding them from one measured and not to violate their creeds or opinions. And many more…

It is extremely important to stress, that anything is possible if you don’t want to make a difference. Everyone, at some point we have said: if it is God’s will, so be it! We start to find responsible and much less let’s take that burden to him. On the contrary, the fault is ours, the decision is up to us. He does not, punish anyone, nor difficulties. He shows us every day, with every dawn, beautiful love that has us and reminds us that we are not alone. That the always, is with us and will always be there to support us and guide us on the right track, if we allow it. Continue Mail ing Oalle do not lose faith in what you think! Remember that every obstacle, is one test of your strength. Original author and source of the article