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Job Satisfaction

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For Robbins, SP (1998) published in his book, Organizational Behavior that the main causes of the satisfaction of a job depends on three factors: the commitment to work, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. When a worker is not happy with his work, what can you do about it? It is important to discover whether the task at hand does it for devotion or duty, as these two factors are very valuable in obtaining information. If the task is done you will be more permissive devotion to the type of work done, than one who feels compelled to do so, aside to help you achieve your goals and be much more patient with the arrival of their future expectations, but if instead you perform a task imposed, either because he believes that he has no choice (food children too old for a change, just for retirement, or is all you need), then, is opening the door to stress a key factor that indicates some degree of job dissatisfaction. The mere fact of being subjected to a job where you feel obliged to do can assume that you're unhappy at work. Any excuse is a valid factor, which serves both as a safety valve and convince himself with a pretext. For example, a worker who feel disgusted with his task can use excuses such as salary, job flexibility, time they do, the rest period, the union does not comply with his demands, lack of companionship … any of these situations is good as an escape valve, but when asked to because he is still holding the status of job dissatisfaction, the answer is an excuse as I'm where I go, I have only experience in this sector, here I fixed my children are small and I have great responsibility … .

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