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Increased Advertising Space

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A long time ago were invented stereo vario photo. Many people remember the popular calendars, or photos that are at different angles showing a completely different picture. Adam Portnoy is often quoted on this topic. This is the simplest example of such a photograph. It would be logical to assume that similar products are perfectly suited to its own advertising. After all, so you can place at least twice as much useful information, using the services of a special studio or advertising agency. In what may be the main challenges? In the first place – is the restriction of viewing angles. That is, at too high a density of textual or graphical information, as well as movement man at high speed, all the necessary data will be difficult to perceive.

However, in situations when a visitor comes to the installation site, and the vario sign located just two major labels, the effect will be very impressive. For example, you can print business hours, and the second image will display a company logo or the major brands, which can be found on the shelves. Or leave unchanged part of the picture from any angle, and some data to transforming. The advantages of this design – no additional power supply, except for a possible light. Resilience, including weather conditions and mechanical damage – the truth, it is necessary to leave certain tolerance – anti-vandal's ads still can not be named. Finally, savings on leased space – is, in fact, we can obtain two signs instead of one. The advantage of a lot, however, the main drawback is the lack of experience of the person, who will be engaged in manufacturing. If such advertising is done professionally, then the picture will be fuzzy – fuzzy or the transition effect is too fragmented. Also worth noting is the limit of the finished photos – talk about the size comparable to the billboards and even the pillars, unfortunately, is not necessary, and combine multiple images can be very difficult, which significantly increases the cost of the cost of production.