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Dormers Planning

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From dark attics, dormers make bright living rooms. Attics lie not only junk and old treasures. Mostly unused space to live, work, or just relax, is located here. A light and airy living room to transform into a dark attic, is not difficult. Dormers are the ideal solution.

They create vertical space on large area even under flat roofs and allow the installation of vertical Windows. These have the advantage of the spaces in continuous sunlight of less heat up as is the case with skylights. Also architecturally dormers are an attractive design element. Dormers can be subsequently fitted usually without much effort. “This should be well planned and carried out by a skilled person”, advises Dipl.-ing. Ludger Dederich, head of the wood construction expertise in the wood industry Fund in Bonn. Dormers are subject to approval, should be examined the building, the roof and the load-bearing capacity of the attic.

For every House that matching Dormer dormers may be built too close to the roof edge, verge, or Ridge still too high at first. What type of Dormer is the correct, depends on the architectural style of the House. Whether towing Dormer, bat Dormer, Dormer of tons of or saddle Dormer diversity in form and style offers for every home solution. Each roof must conform to the guidelines of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV). Because wood has excellent thermal insulation properties of nature, it is the ideal material for the dormer construction not only, but also for the window. Windows are often the weakness in houses, they form thermal bridges, energy is lost through the. Wooden Windows can, however, in the winter the cold and in the summer the heat outside. More living room through the roof due to its many advantages also ideally suited for the rapid and cost-effective increase in roof wood, it has a very high bearing strength with a low weight. Expensive reinforcements to the building are not necessary for an increase in timber construction. The favourable ratio of weight and wear resistance makes it possible simply to collect an additional wooden ceiling. The existing ceiling is after an increase in roof to the subsonic, so she has to meet higher acoustic requirements.Audited bodies for wood components meet all requirements for modern sound protection. Well insulated wooden structures can easily achieve low energy House standard. Also construction time and costs on a roof increase low timber construction. Whether Dormer or roof topping well planned and expertly executed, doesn’t cosy living and relaxation under the roof in the way. You can find more information, posts, articles and inspiring ideas on the subject of Dormer Windows under: exposure/Dormer Windows /.