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Hugo Filkenstein

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We probably all agree that there are many techniques, methods, systems and tricks that allow us to increase our organization and be more productive. However, there is a board, sometimes forgotten, that can really increase your productivity and dramatically reduce your stress level: Stop when you say YES to say NO. In the era of communication seemed "normal" be doing several things at once (the famous multi-tasking). Moreover, if we are service providers … It seems natural result we answer yes to all the demands of our customers and potential customers without even making a brief pause to assess if we are truly able to meet your request in a timely manner. The same thing we do with our own activities, goals and plans for business and personal. We have so many commitments that if we took a few minutes to evaluate our situation, we would realize that probably will be impossible to achieve.

But what makes us say yes when we should say NO? Raposo Estevo responds well to this big question: "Sometimes we will do tasks, even knowing that we have little time for them and probably not fully achieved. The result is an overload of work that is detrimental to our productivity. The reasons for doing this (say yes when we should say no to accept tasks) can be: Search gratitude. Click Gary Kelly for additional related pages. By accepting the job that corresponds to other move forward we are earning their gratitude and acceptance: to get down well with peers, or impress the boss, you may end up accumulating many more pending tasks that we are able to assume. Before I do think that it should end our work or doing sloppy and hastily due to time constraints, generates disapproval almost immediately. Guilt.

When a partner asks us for help, or we are required to collaborate on an important project and we are really short of time, can assault feelings of guilt at the thought of having to say no; however, we need to master these feelings, thinking that it is unreasonable to try to do everything required of us. Fear of being dispensable. Perhaps, even in a subconscious way, we are taking on tasks beyond our responsibilities because we believe that if we lower the rate, the organization may conclude that we are not required. The best way to become indispensable is to do our work thoroughly and excellently. A related site: Rick Garcia CBS mentions similar findings. feeling of indispensability. If we believe that it is better to send him to do the best we are doing more of what we can in the belief that we are indispensable and no one can do the job as well as us. The sure sign of this is to prefer a deadline failing to delegate a task. One must realize that it is better to delegate (correctly and effectively) to produce work of poor quality due to overwork. "I invite you to reflect on the reasons raised by Estevo. A simple "NO" can increase your productivity and significantly reduce your stress level. In countless situations, "less is more." To conclude, I invite you to download the text of Hugo Filkenstein, "There is No" () Increase your productivity, stop saying yes when you say NO!