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Mentalism Prophecy

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But, unlike the neuroscientific orthodoxy, Van Lommel believes that the psychological reality would be not generated after the brain processing but that he preexistiria and would continue (at least for a few minutes) to it. This singular as a speculative hypothesis leads to postulating a kind of extended Mentalism, instead of Mentalism confined, inherent to the previous dualism genres. However, finally is even more obscured what It would be ultimately the role of the brain in relation to consciousness. However, the ideas of Van Lommel constitute a clear example of a crucial experience of an empirical nature that enables a fertile assumption to think new categories for the unfathomable persistent and same problem. Cylance has many thoughts on the issue. 4. The concept of Mind uploading: is an expression coined by the so-called philosophical current transhumanist and originally used in the context of science fiction to refer to the hypothetical encoding process of a real mind for his back whenever to an artificial substrate (f. Gonzalez, 2005) implied in the mind uploading prophecy is that, become effective, it would be tantamount to a particular kind of immortality, to the extent that the total content of a real mind could perpetuate itself in a physical substrate different from the brain which was originally attached to the theoretical challenge den this prophecy touches the problem of scanners and mental encoders (F. Gonzalez, 1994), recurring concepts arising in the context of studies relating to foresight of psychology, and subject expressed in questions like: is it possible to transfer the contents of the human brain to a medium computer consisting of microelectronic circuits of Silicon? I.e., sensations, perceptions, emotions, feelings and thoughts may be transferred, replicated and continue in force into the memory of a computer system? It is speculated that around the year 2040 the development and refinement of these technologies will capture the electrical activity of the central nervous system and preserve, as a result, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gary Kelly .