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Ahead of the displayed one, the controladoria is perceived that is responsible for the basic internal control of any entity or company, through countable-managemental and operational the processing of information, that is, such information become incorporated it the Systems of Information (SI& rsquo; s), being of great value in the alignment of the processes of the management and in the taking of decisions of the managers, causing the otimizao of the performance of the company. 2,7 System and System of Information A system represents the meeting of co-ordinated parts, which concur for the accomplishment of a set of objectives, being its functioning represented for a processing of resources (entered) of which results the exits, or better, products of the system. Thus: an information system is of basic importance in the hand of the administrators, either of this association and cooperative, either of some company or entity. System of costs is a set of administrative procedures that registers, of systematic and continuous form, the effective remuneration of the used factors of production in the process. (SAINTS, MARION SEGATTI, 2002). The information system consists of a set of resources used to supply opportune and excellent information, any use that if can make of it, from previously definite processes, using themselves for in such a way specific data, being able digital it in such a way or to be informatizada as manual. Padoveze (2000, P. 47) affirms that: Countable science is expressed of course inside of an information system. It could be defendant that to make a system of countable information with the science of the Accounting it is a language vice, since the proper Accounting was born under the architecture of informacional system. Therefore, one becomes valid to necessarily affirm that the Accounting plays the role of an efficient system of information, inside of the system biggest (System Company), and that it has for objective to take care of its users with financial demonstrations, economic and of productivity with regard to the object of the accounting, having to observe to that that this user considers as important elements for its power to decide process.

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