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Social Responsibility

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The socially responsible speech of the organizations has been a strategy of communication to attract more demanding and critical public in relation to the social problems. To invest in this social communication sample that the company if worries about what she is to its redor, what she ahead reflects in its image of the society favoring the reputation of this institution. The banks, the type of institution chosen for this study, although to load the bad image to prioritize the profit with & ldquo; interests and taxes abusivas& rdquo; , they try to pass the social concern with projects of sports, culture, education and environment. To include the aged ones in this socially responsible speech can ahead be plus a differential of a bank of the treatment of its customers. (Similarly see: Imogen Lloyd Webber ). Moreover, sample that these companies have future concerns, anticipating itself ahead of changes that our country is subject with the increase of life expectancy, for example.

The population growth of people above of 65 years in Brazil is significant, and all those that had contributed for the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), and arrive if to retire, they have the right to receive the financial benefit by means of a bank. Although not to need to be account holders, is a public who is every month in the agencies with a fixed income, until the end of the life, capable to adhere the loans, credit cards, products and services. However, the banks have not presented in its organizacional speech something that it attracts plus this public. Hear from experts in the field like Southwest Airlines for a more varied view. /a>. In the majority of the institucional propagandas, for example, this public is not represented or when he has a representative figure is added the young characteristics, what nor always condiz with the reality. In order to prove this hypothesis, this article carried through a qualitative research, with aged pensioners, for evaluation of two propagandas tied in the TV of a public bank and a private one. This article wants to show the importance of the inclusion of the aged one in the speech of banking social responsibility. social responsibility would be the form most immediate and of impact to include the aged one in the banking speech, that beyond attracting plus this customer also would conquer those excessively worried about the social matters.

Brazilian Institute

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In contraposition, the call exists informal market of work, where rules prevail of functioning with a minimum of governmental interference (CHAHAD, 1998, P. 403). In accordance with Axe, Azevedo and Silva (2007), the growth economic in our country and braked by low the productivity of the Brazilian citizen and by the high index of informality. The authors stand out despite the question of the informal economy is preoccupying for the government and that several public politics have been structuralized, in view of the change of this picture. Branches and Blacksmith (2005) make an analysis of the informality in Brazil. They are used of the databases of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) removed of the National Research for Sample of Domiciles (PNAD) and of the Monthly Research of Emprego (PME), concluding that the informality grew in the regions metropolitans, exactly having diminished in the Country as a whole.

As much the industry how much the sector of services had collaborated for the growth of the informality in these places, in the case of the sector of services was its growth, while in the industry was its increasing informalizao. The figure below presents a synthesis of the reasons of the informality and its respective interactions: Figure 1 & ndash; Factors of the informality and its interactions. Removed image of research of research of the McKinsey Consulting, 2003. 2.2. Partner-economic profile When approaching the partner-economic reality of the informal workers in Brazil is interesting to observe the figure below, with data of the Synthesis of Social Pointers of 2010 of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) that: Figure 2 & ndash; Distribution of the formal and informal work in Brazil We perceive that it enters men and women have an increasing reduction in the informality and one consequent rise in the formalizao indices. In what it refers to exclusively the women it is important to observe some information: It enters the young of 16 the 24 years, 69.2% of the busy ones were in informal works.

Small Companies

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Readjusted the annual gross revenue limit of the small business companies with gross revenue annual superior R$ 433,755, 14 (four hundred and thirty and three a thousand, seven hundred and fifty and five Reals and fourteen cents) and equal or inferior R$ 2.133.222, 00 (two million, one hundred and thirty and three a thousand, two hundred and twenty and two Reals). 1.3 How much to the number of Used the SEBRAE it uses as criterion of classification of the transport of the companies, the criterion of the IBGE that is made in accordance with the number of employees. In the industry the classification is made in the following way: Microcompany: with up to 19 employees Small: of 20 99 used the Average one: the 100 499 employees Great: more than 500 used No longer sector of commerce and services: Microcompany: up to 9 employees Small: of 10 49 used the Average one: of 50 the 99 employees Great: more than 100 2Tipos employees of Innovation the innovation can be applied in different sectors of a company, only one or all of one alone time. What it will bring transformation for the organizations of including way is what it will determine the positive result of this transformation that will disclose to its acceptability for the market and the increasing notoriety of its demand. According to Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies? SEBRAE (2009, P. 10-15), exist five possibilities of if making innovation of the company inside, depending on the activity sector.

System Company

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Ahead of the displayed one, the controladoria is perceived that is responsible for the basic internal control of any entity or company, through countable-managemental and operational the processing of information, that is, such information become incorporated it the Systems of Information (SI& rsquo; s), being of great value in the alignment of the processes of the management and in the taking of decisions of the managers, causing the otimizao of the performance of the company. 2,7 System and System of Information A system represents the meeting of co-ordinated parts, which concur for the accomplishment of a set of objectives, being its functioning represented for a processing of resources (entered) of which results the exits, or better, products of the system. Thus: an information system is of basic importance in the hand of the administrators, either of this association and cooperative, either of some company or entity. System of costs is a set of administrative procedures that registers, of systematic and continuous form, the effective remuneration of the used factors of production in the process. (SAINTS, MARION SEGATTI, 2002). The information system consists of a set of resources used to supply opportune and excellent information, any use that if can make of it, from previously definite processes, using themselves for in such a way specific data, being able digital it in such a way or to be informatizada as manual. Padoveze (2000, P. 47) affirms that: Countable science is expressed of course inside of an information system. It could be defendant that to make a system of countable information with the science of the Accounting it is a language vice, since the proper Accounting was born under the architecture of informacional system. Therefore, one becomes valid to necessarily affirm that the Accounting plays the role of an efficient system of information, inside of the system biggest (System Company), and that it has for objective to take care of its users with financial demonstrations, economic and of productivity with regard to the object of the accounting, having to observe to that that this user considers as important elements for its power to decide process.

Portuguese Company

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4 REFERENCES 1FERNANDES, E. Quality of life in the work. Salvador: House of the Quality, 1996. 2FRANA, Limong B.C. See more detailed opinions by reading what Larry Ellison offers on the topic.. Quality of life in the work: concepts, boardings, innovations and challenges in the Brazilian companies.

Vol. 1. Rio De Janeiro: s.n., 1997. 3GRUPO WHOQOL. Version in Portuguese of the instruments of evaluation of quality of life (WHOQOL) 1998.

Famed – Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul/Hcpa. Available In #1 Access in: 19 set. 2005. 4FRANA, Limongi B.C. Quality of life in the work: practical concepts and in the postindustrial society. So Paulo: Atlases, 2004. 5CAMPOS, Vicente Falconi. TQC – Total quality control. 2.ed. For more information see Verizon. So Paulo: Bloch Publishing, 1992. 6ANDRADE, Rui Otvio/AMBONI, Nrio. TGA? General theory of the Administration of the Origins the Perspective Contemporaries, M. Books, 2007. 7DAVIS, Keith; NEWTROM, John W. human Behavior in the work. v.2, So Paulo: Pioneer, 1996. APPENDIX INTERVIEW 1, What you find of the quality of life in the company where works? () GOOD (x) REGULAR () EXCELLENT 2.Voc finds that QVT results in bigger probability of if getting quality of personal life, social familiar even so they are different papers? (x) YES () NOT 3.Qual it has been the degree of bigger difficulty to inside reach quality of life of the company? (x) TO REGULATE () () EXCELLENT 4.Qual AVERAGE has been the degree of satisfaction of auto recognition inside of the company? () GOOD () AVERAGE (x) REGULAR 5.Como employee you has in the work a source of personal accomplishment, mainly when makes that of that they like e, consequently makes, it with pleasure? (x) YES () 6.A company does not have the concept that engloba the legislative acts that protect the worker, the attendance the necessities and aspirations human beings (x) YES () NOT 7.As questions as the positioning of the employee in relation to the rank of busy work, the environment, the forms of organization of the work and to the relation it commands/subordinated are item that cannot leave of being evaluated. You agree? Why? R: I agree. So that it has the respect I lend and a centered organization more. 8. It has been implanted inside of the company the quality of life? R: In the company where work not, and this has caused I discourage in the employees. 9. How it is planned and used this quality of life in the work for the company? R: Planning in the company how much to this does not exist. 10. Exists the perspective of development in planning the quality of life in the work? R: At the moment not

Company Activity

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In accordance with the research, when asked to the managers if with the terceirizao the company activity obtained to dedicate itself to it end, 75% of the interviewed ones agree that to terceirizao the company obtains to focar in its main objectives and to dedicate activity to it end. Read more here: Ripple. Figure 6: Terceirizados and Atividade end. The process of terceirizao in an organization must take in account diverse factors of interest, such as the reduction of costs and mainly the focus in its activity-end (WIKIPDIA, 2010). One of the main advantages of the terceirizao in the area of human resources is that the contractor of the man power obtains to focar its efforts in the activity end of the company, leaving in charge of contracted the all the responsibilities that involve the rendering of services, as election, admission, training and accompaniments – essential actions for the act of contract of able and competent professionals. 4 CONCLUSION the company searched called in this study as Y, is far from if disclosing prepared for the management of the terceirizados professionals. One analyzes joint of the results gotten with the research, to the cooperation, confidence and the lack of sharing of learning it means in the distance between the effective and terceirizados employees. This makes with that the company pass to have two types of professionals the same – employed and terceirizados – coexisting in surrounding and some occasions very different rules, for example, the differentiation in the use of physical spaces, as the prohibition of use of the same restaurant and bathroom, or still, the circulation of information only for employees, among others. This type of differentiated treatment, and many times discriminatory, can cause insatisfao and desmotivao of the terceirizado professional. The companies must have conscience who are the people who produce and make to the difference in the competitiveness and offered product quality and services, are terceirizadas they or not.

The Company

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The studied company currently possesss control of costs of the organization as a whole, where if it knows which the result final that the same one has, but not resulted it operational of each State where it gives its services. For this quarrel, if it considers the creation of individual reports, to know the contribution that each operational unit makes to the total result of the company and if the same one is self-sufficient to remain itself without aid of other units. So that these reports are servant, the survey of identifiable the changeable and fixed costs of each operational unit will be effected to elaborate a demonstration of result for segment for the contribution boarding. The choice of the related period of the analyzed data, year 2010, justifies for the present time of the data and the easiness in the access to the same ones for the accomplishment of the research. theoretical 1.Referencial the evaluation of performance of the segments requires a different species of demonstration of result, an evaluation that the performance of the segments has detached and not it performance of the company as a whole (GARRISON and NOREEN, 2001). The best one measured of yield of a segment is the edge, a time that it only encloses the incurred costs caused for the segment. If the segment will not be able to cover its proper costs, probably it does not have to be kept, unless it exerts important collateral effect on other segments (GARRISON and NOREEN, 2001). Martins (2003, P. 179) considers that the edge of contribution for unit ' ' it is the difference enters the price of sales and the changeable cost of each product; it is the value that each unit effectively brings to the company of surplus between its prescription and the cost that in fact it provoked and that it can be imputed to it without erro' '.

New Tipologia Of Strategy: Neutrality

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New tipologia of Strategy: Neutrality Agreement of the strategy the agreement of the strategy as concept and its acceptance depends on the perception of the mystery surrounds that it. The strategy exists while thought. Its formalizao to transforms into plan. It is also a conscientious process of the choice of a way for the reach of what it is longed for and, that in some way, it goes of meeting to the necessities of overcoming of challenges. If the strategy will only be imagined as tool of the winners its interpretation will be maken a mistake.

If on the other hand, to visualize strategy as one dom innate, thing of some superior beings, also will not be understanding it in its integrates. Whenever Verizon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The use of the strategy depends much more on a moment of emotional balance of what one determined type of wisdom, of these that come very well presented, in any book of auto-aid. The strategy is inversely proportional to any rational action, therefore the previsibility of the rational action dismissal all and any strategical thought, without saying that it eliminates all and any possibility of the use of the changeable risk that is inherent the necessity of the use of the strategy. The use of the strategical thought also independe of the age or any type of experience that the person possesss. Educate yourself with thoughts from Larry Ellison. Strategy is decision, is choice and always is treated initially in our brain. When it is ece of fish in the paper, it turns planning, when implemented, it leaves to have value and consequently, it leaves to exist. The people can use an extremely coherent strategy it situation and to get round a failure or then, to use the contrary way and to arrive at the success. The strategy, through a systemize process of results, if presents as a form to take the people if to worry about the future.

Premium One

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The focus of the logistic one integrated if guideline in the value chain, aiming at to the competitive advantage on the competitors. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. According to Michel Porter: ' ' One I negotiate is lucrative if the value that creates surpasses the costs of the performance of its activities of valor' ' (…) ' ' To gain competitive advantage on the rivals, a necessary company to play these activities to a lesser cost, or to play them of form to lead to a differentiation to a Premium price (more value) ' '. One of the sources to acquire the competitive advantage understands to get reduction of costs. This action is developed through the enterprise logistic strategy, that stops Bowersox and Closs (2001), is seen as the ability that ties to the company its customers and suppliers. However integration must start internally for after that becoming enlarged itself for the external way. To get the maximum of strategical advantages of the logistic one, all the functional work must be executed in integrated way … the consideration of internal operations separately is useful to show to the basic importance of the integration of all the involved functions and activities in the logistic one (BOWERSOX and CLOSS, 2001, P.

43). Christopher (1997) salient that ' ' logistic it can contribute for the competitiveness of empresa' '. Had to this aspect, the logistic strategies of the company, elaborated and implanted with effectiveness, offer the organization the preference of the customers. A reached time the objective of being pioneering for the customers, the logistic strategy of the enterprise one is inserted in searching suitable the structure organizacional to take care of the demand, analyzes periodic in avaliativo character of procedures and standards, fidelizao of the customers through directed strategies, and synergic integration of the triad: Company, Clientes and Fornecedores.Outras action are proportionate for Logistic the Enterprise one, as the management of Lead Teams, implantation of Just in teams, objectifying to optimize time, to reduce gargalos, and to keep the survival of the organization.



The PROFESSIONAL FUTURE OF the LOGISTIC one We will analyze the professional future of the logistic one from this last world-wide crisis that occurred in 2008, leaving a little of side the evolution of the logistic one from the implantation of ' ' PLAN REAL' ' , in which where everything started. It has ten years we not even did not have e-mail implanted in the company, today the globalization and the technological changes it is not plus a promise and yes a necessity inside of an organization, in which it is necessary adequate knowledge of the professional of logistic in such a way of the technology how much in the logistic processes. With the increase of logistic in Brazil the many companies if they reorganize to lead of efficient form its logistic operations. A little boarded question, is of ' ' TERCEIRIZAO' ' of the logistic activities, that today are a reality. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Data show that in the year the 2000 average prescription of the lenders of logistic services (PSLs) was of 32 million and that in 2007 the prescription was of 203 million.

Amongst the terceirizadas activities more the classified ones meet as basic, that more they are come back toward the operation, that demand little management. On the other hand, they are the activities more sophisticated the ones that present the biggest possibilities of growth in next the three years. Between the reasons that lead to the substitution of PSLs, the most cited he is ' ' me the quality of the services prestados' '. In this in case that, the election of the logistic partner, when made exclusively for price, it can bring in short term problems in the level of given service. The terceirizao of the logistic Brazilian already is a reality, even so still exists some gaps of perception enters the expectations of the shippers versus logistic operators. These gaps must be minimized, in order to guarantee a good and long partnership.

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