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The focus of the logistic one integrated if guideline in the value chain, aiming at to the competitive advantage on the competitors. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. According to Michel Porter: ' ' One I negotiate is lucrative if the value that creates surpasses the costs of the performance of its activities of valor' ' (…) ' ' To gain competitive advantage on the rivals, a necessary company to play these activities to a lesser cost, or to play them of form to lead to a differentiation to a Premium price (more value) ' '. E Scott Mead often says this. One of the sources to acquire the competitive advantage understands to get reduction of costs. This action is developed through the enterprise logistic strategy, that stops Bowersox and Closs (2001), is seen as the ability that ties to the company its customers and suppliers. However integration must start internally for after that becoming enlarged itself for the external way. To get the maximum of strategical advantages of the logistic one, all the functional work must be executed in integrated way … the consideration of internal operations separately is useful to show to the basic importance of the integration of all the involved functions and activities in the logistic one (BOWERSOX and CLOSS, 2001, P.

43). Christopher (1997) salient that ' ' logistic it can contribute for the competitiveness of empresa' '. Had to this aspect, the logistic strategies of the company, elaborated and implanted with effectiveness, offer the organization the preference of the customers. A reached time the objective of being pioneering for the customers, the logistic strategy of the enterprise one is inserted in searching suitable the structure organizacional to take care of the demand, analyzes periodic in avaliativo character of procedures and standards, fidelizao of the customers through directed strategies, and synergic integration of the triad: Company, Clientes and Fornecedores.Outras action are proportionate for Logistic the Enterprise one, as the management of Lead Teams, implantation of Just in teams, objectifying to optimize time, to reduce gargalos, and to keep the survival of the organization.



The PROFESSIONAL FUTURE OF the LOGISTIC one We will analyze the professional future of the logistic one from this last world-wide crisis that occurred in 2008, leaving a little of side the evolution of the logistic one from the implantation of ' ' PLAN REAL' ' , in which where everything started. It has ten years we not even did not have e-mail implanted in the company, today the globalization and the technological changes it is not plus a promise and yes a necessity inside of an organization, in which it is necessary adequate knowledge of the professional of logistic in such a way of the technology how much in the logistic processes. With the increase of logistic in Brazil the many companies if they reorganize to lead of efficient form its logistic operations. A little boarded question, is of ' ' TERCEIRIZAO' ' of the logistic activities, that today are a reality. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Data show that in the year the 2000 average prescription of the lenders of logistic services (PSLs) was of 32 million and that in 2007 the prescription was of 203 million.

Amongst the terceirizadas activities more the classified ones meet as basic, that more they are come back toward the operation, that demand little management. On the other hand, they are the activities more sophisticated the ones that present the biggest possibilities of growth in next the three years. Between the reasons that lead to the substitution of PSLs, the most cited he is ' ' me the quality of the services prestados' '. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi. In this in case that, the election of the logistic partner, when made exclusively for price, it can bring in short term problems in the level of given service. The terceirizao of the logistic Brazilian already is a reality, even so still exists some gaps of perception enters the expectations of the shippers versus logistic operators. These gaps must be minimized, in order to guarantee a good and long partnership.


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Chiavenato (2006), concludes that this talent is had, has it chance to grow, to diversify and to develop new businesses. despite, when the talent is added to the technology and to the capital and the entrepreneur it has viable ideas, the chemical formularization is ready to provide resulted favorable. 1.3 The Entrepreneur In accordance with Chiavenato (1990) the enterprising term comes – of the Frenchman entrepreneur? he means that one that takes risks and starts something new. Bernard Golden may also support this cause. he adds that, entrepreneur is who fareja the chances and very needs to be fast, using to advantage the chances, before to other they make it adventurers, is the person whom he initiates or he operates a business to carry through an idea or personal project continuously taking risks and responsibilities and innovating. For it, this definition not only involves the founders of companies, but the members of one second or third generation of familiar companies of and the controlling proprietors, who buy existing companies already of its founders. But it agrees that the enterprising spirit is also present in all the people who, exactly without establishing a company or initiating its proper businesses, are worried and focused in taking risks and innovating continuously. Visit website has compatible beliefs. According to Chiavenato (1990), Shumpeter extends the concept saying that ' ' the entrepreneur is the person who destroys the existing economic order thanks to the introduction in the market of new products and services, for the creation of new forms of management or for exploration of new resources, materials and tecnologias' '. E, standes out that for Shumpeter, the entrepreneur is the essence of the innovation of the world, becoming obsolete the old ways to make businesses. Chiavenato (2006) defines as three basic characteristics of the entrepreneur: Necessity of Accomplishment: where those with little necessity of accomplishment exist and that they are contented with the status and that they are contented with the current status.

Rio Grande Do Sul

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Goldman Sachs, Crunchbase says:

Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.

In first the fifty years of the century the decade of 1920, the production enters of Added Bahia of the Rio Grande Do Sul already represented 55.27% of the total volume produced in Brazil, reaching 79.93% in the average of the following quinquennium. In 1930, the productions of these States practically were equaled: the Bahia produced 39,90 a thousand t and 30,34 Rio Grande Do Sul a thousand t. Beyond the atinentes differences to the type of produced tobacco and its consequent destinations, gradually a technological differential was established. Get all the facts and insights with Hewlett-Packard Co., another great source of information. Whereas in the Bahia the tobacco remained drying to the sun or in sheds (practical usual until today), the Rio Grande Do Sul, from 1920, continuously specialized in new methods of drying in greenhouse, improving the quality. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. The other States, for its turn, produced exclusively ‘ ‘ smoke-of-corda’ ‘. 1960 were the year where Fidel Castro nationalized all the production in Cuba, also the charuteira industry. The related industry, operating in the branch since 1948, glimpsed growth of the market in the Bahia, due to nationalization imposed for already cited head of State, and started to invest in perfectioning of the production systems establishing partnerships in bahian lands, with already then the local agriculturists or without lands, contracted through the regimen of lease, contracts that hinder the use transference right it and establishment of improvements, that is, the contractors had right the part of the production of the tobacco for its commercialization.

However, still from the decade of 60 (sixty), the bahian fumicultura dives in a decreasing spiral. The primary production tries successive reveses, falling of the platform of 44 a thousand tons, in 1965, for inexpressivas 9.1 a thousand tons, in 2002, passing, thus, for the fifth rank in ranking national and according to place in the northeastern, now led for Alagoas. The state, that already arrived to produce 240 cigar million per year today has this restricted amount to a number between six million and eight million units.

Two Factors

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Already author ADRIOLO, Leonardo (2008) tells that, the motivation nor always this related to the remuneration, therefore exists other necessities that are related to the satisfaction, the example cited for it is of Luke Pittard, that after to receive a prize from the lottery and to be millionaire, if felt tired not to have nothing to make, thus appearing to the necessity of returns to its old job in the McDonalds, for better understanding of this work, needs to not only analyze the theory of Maslow, but also of Herzberg with its theory of the two factors. Theory of the Two Factors: Freederick Herzberg (1959) developed the theory of the Two Factors of the Motivation, that identifies different factors as being basic in the satisfaction in the work, calls of Factors of Hygiene and Factors of Motivation. The excellent aspects of the work to the necessities of animal nature are called Hygienical factors. The important aspects of the work for the growth necessities are called factors Motivation. These two factors will be presented in pictures 3 and 4 where Herzberg concludes that the satisfaction and the insatisfao in the work were products of two types of different experiences.

Traditional InsatisfaoConcepo No-satisfaoFatores Satisfaction of motivation InsatisfaoFatores Satisfaction of No-insatisfao hygiene Picture 3: Conceptions of the satisfaction in the work. Source: SOUTO, Eduardo. Organizacional behavior: the impact of the emotions. Translation technique of Jean Pierre Marras. So Paulo: Cengafe Learning, 2009,151 P. Fatores of motivation (Sources of satisfaction in the work) Factors of hygiene (Sources of insatisfao in the work) Interest in the work Responsibility Recognition Accomplishment Advance and crescimentoCondies of work Politics of the company Supervision Fellow workers Wage I sanction and security in the job. Picture 4: Examples of motivation factors and hygiene Source: SOUTO, Eduardo. Organizacional behavior: the impact of the emotions. Translation technique of Jean Pierre Marras.

Federal Prescription

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Therefore they are documents that will be analyzed by the customs and Federal Prescription of Brazil (RFB). The error in the loaded amount is felt when o/as fiscal authorities analyze the documentation and verify that the weight of the tires in the container diverge with the declared amount. In other cases, the container goes for red canal, where customs to request to verify the load to be embarked. These corrections of documentation and when the load goes for red canal generate expenditures. In the divergence of weight and amount it is necessary to generate a new bill of landing (Bill of Lading), or until a new perhaps certifyd of origin. As table 1.3, another cost can be the manuscript and the movement of the container when it goes for the red canal.

These projected costs in years show to be sufficiently high. If to make a semester projection, considering that it has about 4 the 8 shipment errors, and 3 the 5 container in red canal and the 5 6 emissions of certifyd of origin. The cost is approximately of R$ 67,686, 00. We must consider that this cost is illustrative, can in such a way be pra more how much pra less. As solution for this onerous problem, we suggest an investment in technology. They exist currently, readers in bar codes that enter part for part in the shipment.

This technique will diminish the divergences and consequentemente it will reduce the expenditures with documentation emission. 6.1 Logistic enterprise logistic EmpresarialA studies as the administration can better provide the level with yield in the services of distribution to the customers and consumers, through effective planning, organization and controls for activities of movement and storage that they aim at to facilitate the flow of products. It deals with all the activities of movement and storage, that facilitate the flow of products since the point of acquisition of the raw material until the point of final consumption, as well as of the flows of information that they place the products in movement, with the intention providing levels of adequate services to the customers to a reasonable cost.

The Relationship

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If somebody to talk high and nothing will be fact, open way so that it happens of new. if the professor to say that it goes to order somebody if this even so somebody to confuse, and making two or three times, goes to have a standard that allows the pupils to foresee what it goes to happen, and there does not go to need to order nobody even so. The important one is it here to have well clearly for itself exactly what it wants and to know that is the responsible one for making this to happen. On the other hand, it is important to preserve a good one and friendly relationship with the pupils, seno will not obtain to reach the objective. Thus, one of the initial objectives is to construct a good relationship with the group and the pupils, what it goes to allow it later calling the attention them without they find she hates that them. For this it is necessary to look the good sides of each one: one is studious, the other is cordial and respectful, all have qualities, and the professor has that to perceive them. If he will have that to make something drastic, as to order somebody even so, he must make it, without ' ' matar' ' the relationship with nobody. What it says is secondary; the way it says as it is much more significant. The paper of the professor in room is analogous to the one of a good nurse, who does not bind if the sick person is flat or not, it has a mission and needs to make what she is necessary for cumpriz it, and needs then to stand out, to ignore and to forget the things take off that it of the focus and they do not contribute for the objectives. An exercise that can be made is, being relaxed, to visualize itself seated in one of wallets, the position of pupil.

Management Theory

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According to CHIAVENATO, the Theory of the Relations Human beings it evidenced the influence of the leadership on the behavior of the people. Three main theories exist on the leadership: Traces of the personality. As this theory the leader possesss marcantes characteristics of personality characterize that it for the function. Situations of leadership (Contingencial theory). In this theory the leader can in accordance with assume different standards of leadership the situation and for each one of the members of its team. Styles of leadership. This theory points three styles of leadership: autocratic, democratic and liberal.

The autocratic leadership is the style of qualified command for the dictatorship and command, in which the leader assumes and centers all the decisions, while the submissos ones only obey its orders. The leader is focado only in the tasks, takes decisions individual, disrespecting the opinion of the led ones. The democratic leadership is the style for the participation of the subordinate in the decisions and the orienting behavior and booster of the leader. This type of leadership is come back toward the people and the leader search to be a normal member of the group, having objectified and limiting the facts in its critical and compliments. In the liberal leadership, the people have more freedom in the execution of its projects, indicating one mature team and that it does not need constant supervision.

On the other hand, this leadership can be negligent and weak where the leader leaves to pass imperfections and errors without correcting them. The managers of people have that to play the role of the leader. In a context of Management of People, it is necessary that they see themselves as collaborating more of what as subordinated, therefore requires its adhesion to the objectives, politics and mission of the organization. This means that the managers permanently need to act as leader, since leadership nothing more is of what the form of direction based on personal prestige and the acceptance of the subordinate.

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