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Dermatronics launches first Microdermabrasion – seminar on Lake Constance of large customer interest in training for the increasingly popular expectant Microdermabrasion without Microkristalle, combined with ultrasound therapy, has opened his first training Institute at Lake Dermatronics. The manufacturer of cutting-edge cosmetics has developed a compact seminars for its customers, which brought the participants in the later work in his own Studio from the first treatment to enthusiastic customers. Was competence and a geographically convenient location when choosing a location. The Switzerland and Austria are at the door, and cities such as Munich and Stuttgart are within a manageable arrival with your own car. After extensive search, Karin Kruger-was out controlled but within a short time on a close cooperation with the Institute of beauty cosmetics & more. Ms Kruger, the owner offers your institution all classical treatments, Mesotherapy, about permanent MakeUp, anti aging treatments up to the Anti-wrinkle treatment a comprehensive range for the lasting beauty of. It has practical experience of more than 16 years as a trained esthetician and also has a medical education, which refers to a real competence in the beauty treatment.

All the more it enjoyed wife Ramona Unger, the owner of the brand of Dermatronics, to be able to convince Ms Kruger from your vision of equipment cosmetic. On January 23, 2010, the doors from which, in the middle of the Centre of Constance of established beauty Studio for the numerous published participants opened in the morning for the first time. The location is ideal also for seminar participants arriving by train. The train station is within walking distance, Zurich airport is just 40km away and is ideal for living farther away participants. But also the building in which held the seminars for the brand of Dermatronics, is unique. The Institute is bathed with a glazed roof and a small, very interesting Roof garden.

The participants of the first diamond Peel were convinced already training. The positive feedback is back but also on the content of the course. “At the beginning of Mr Manfred Mackler, the product manager of the brand of Dermatronics, the technical introduction based on a mid-range device, were together the DT 103 300 which is with the top product of the silver line”, the DT has been 103 500 as a bestseller. The training aims to pick up the participants into small groups of maximum 6 people at their level of knowledge and to impart knowledge and skills that meet high standards within a day. The spectrum ranges from basic hygiene, about active ingredient customer, ergonomics in the treatment to the costing and pricing. So the fly hours, where each participant as a practical test was unable to perform a complete treatment, and was even completely spoiled. The mood among the participants could have been better and there after a long day that not a participant not happy and satisfied the home occurred with their certificate and a new Microdermabrasion multimedia device by Dermatronics. Due to its outstanding success, Fr. Unger with high pressure working on further training centres in all over Germany, which should happen in the course of the year. Contact: Polaritrade trading company INH. Ramona Unger 2,500 square 8 02991 Lauta Tel. 035722-93024 fax. 035722-93025

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