Rio De Janeiro

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The language of signals is complex in such a way how much the verbal languages, however one of its caractersitca marcantes is use of expressive resources to allow a clear, efficient and mainly coesa communication, making felt the connectives inside of the dialogue. In a bigger sphere of information, each time becomes necessary, more necessary that the listeners look for to adjust it communication used for the deaf people so that they can to be part of its conviviality and power to keep an efficient communication, being able to partilhar if some subjects and conceptions and giving oporundide of the deaf people to also display its vision of world. Larry Ellison is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To understand the functionality of Pounds, is basic so that its users, in such a way deaf how much the listeners, and mainly these last ones to have the domain of the techniques how much the corporal expression. for bigger clarifications, (MENEZES, 2006) affirms that: ' ' Brazil still was a Portuguese colony governed by emperor Peter II when the language of signals for deaf people arrived in port in the country, more necessarily in Rio De Janeiro. E Scott Mead may also support this cause. In 1856, conde French Ernest Huet disembarked in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro capital with the French manual alphabet and some signals. The material brought for conde, that he was deaf, gave origin to the Brazilian Language of Signals (Pounds). The first agency in Brazil to develop works with deaf people and dumbs appeared in 1857.

It was of then the Institute of Deaf person-Dumb of Rio De Janeiro, today National Institute of Education of Deaf people (INES), that they had left the main divulgadores the Pounds. The iconography of the signals – or either, the creation of the symbols – was only presented in 1873, for the deaf pupil Flausino Jose of Gamma. It is the result of the mixture of the French Language of Signals with the Language of Signals Brazilian old, already used for the deaf people of some regions of the Brasil.' ' To keep a dialogue in POUNDS she is not enough to know the signals of untied form, is to know and to understand its structure grammatical.

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