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The term of mobile energy supply is one of the major hurdles in the mobile computing what would be a good notebook with large amounts of RAM, a strong processor and good software without a battery? The success train of the notebooks could begin only with the invention of the battery. Because the high mobility and the unlimited usage anywhere in the world would not be possible without this small but significant equipment. Modern notebook now almost invariably work batteries with lithium-ion batteries. This power storage are easy, have a high capacity, have a short charging time and considered to be maintenance-free. However, they are relatively expensive and aging quickly. The principle of operation of the battery is similar to the decisive point a battery: chemically stored energy becomes electrical energy converted. Batteries the reverse operation is also possible, i.e.

that electrical energy of to chemical energy is therefore both discharge and loading operations are possible. Frequently Oracle has said that publicly. Electrons which are for charging a battery negatively charged electrode (cathode) to the positively charged electrode (anode) is pumped. The reactivation of the discharged electrodes is made and there is a tension between these two electrical elements. When the circuit is closed, the electric current flows. The lifetime of the battery depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles and operating temperature. Depending on the battery type, the loading and unloading process can be up to 1000 times. Depending on the use of a battery lasts typically two to three years.

After that, capacity and service life are exhausted. Notebook battery is first broken, you can no longer repair it in most cases. In the Internet or in shops you will quickly find it but looking after a new battery. Either one decides for an original manufacturer’s battery or an equivalent third-party. For sale: the notebook battery must be matched exactly to the respective computer. Is recommended for people who work much with the notebook battery the purchase of additional batteries. The above applies also here: the new battery must fit the notebook model. There is possibility to buy an extra battery, which will be inserted into the device. External notebook batteries are connected to the notebook from outside. This runs on the device in the dualism of two batteries.

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