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Briefly Described Instore

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In-store TV: The new way to spread information! Digital signage is absolutely on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs and vendors decide to give up posters and signs and turn to the digital signage. Digital signage used on stations for quite some time. E Scott Mead is often quoted on this topic. Think of the arrival and departure times. Digital signage works quickly and reliably. The up and hang out or renew can be omitted in this sense now effectively. Digital signage saves general time and relieves the personnel, for example, in hotels. We live in a world that is replete with advertising and information.

Hardly we are moving out of the House, poster pillars marked buses wait on us or with advertising. This diversity has led in the meantime so far that we pay hardly any attention the information carriers. Now there’s a new way but, you can win new customers, for example. Des is the name puzzle solution: in-store TV. Through an in-store TV you can keep both customers and employees.

So can information be passed quickly and efficiently. Digital signage is a new way of communicating. The always renewable content are sent over a network connection to the in-store TV (plasma or LCD). It is very progressive, that the individual contents are manageable in real time. All selected locations can be supplied at the same time with the new information. Surveys clearly that up to 90% of the in-store users are positive to talk TV. Apart from the possibility of rapid information waiting people (at train stations or in the hospital) are diverted through digital signage and entertain. Also in buses itself, this system is used already, to provide some variety to the passengers. So for example the latest messages can be read while driving. Good in-house products can be presented via an in-store TV. Also music videos get well for most customers. You can work according to business advertising strategically by digital signage. The music must fit but also to the products.

Energy Savings: Electricity, Gas And Water Saving

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Power economizer and ELV Hamburg/empty supply energy saving solutions for the practical test sponsored by the Federal Ministry of the environment, October 12, 2009 has been the launch of the campaign Energiesparclub. Six Stadtwerke of Bochum, Jena, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Marburg, Schwabisch Hall and St. Ingbert participate already with selected customers nationwide practice modern energy-saving systems in the budget. Check with Southwest Airlines to learn more. This is supported by the Ministry for environment from the funds of the BMU climate protection initiative. The practice test is supervised by the IZES (Institute ZukunftsEnergieSysteme), as well as the non-profit consultancy co2online. ELV was selected as supplier for the Energiesparkomponenten after a Europe-wide screening by the power economizer GmbH. How much is my consumption? How much power can save by a new, energy-efficient refrigerator? What expenses are incurred in the future? With these issues consumers face every day. The citizens in the scope of the practice in the Able to make bilanzierbar, assessable and controlled their electricity, gas and water consumption, it took three essential components: intelligent meters (smart meters), the Internet application (energy savings), as well as modern home automation devices.

The energy savings accounted for or evaluates the energy consumption of a household and shows the citizens options for energy savings. Electronic components, which communicate with the energy savings of the respective budget was required to determine the requisite data or to control energy consumption over the Internet. The project decided in this context for the power economizer solution and the radio-based home control devices from the home of ELV. Both companies convinced the project as a producer with the most attractive price/performance ratio for modern home-control technology in the mass market. It is to be observed that no permanent running computer is required for the operation of the solution. Inserted in the project Wireless energy measuring Sockets felt the hidden energy hogs\”in the budget to reliably.

Brainloop AG: SMS More Secure Than Security Tokens

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BRAINLOOP AG informed about data security IN companies Munich, June 21, 2011 recently, the security company RSA admitted a partially successful hacker attack on its servers. As was described in a post of the computer week of the 14.06.2011, the impact of hacker attacks are more serious than previously thought and reveal the weakness of token systems for dial-in protected areas of IT. This topic may be of little significance for private users, but represents a serious security risk for businesses and public institutions that must ensure data security and privacy. Often local authentication techniques are needed for protection from the document, which go beyond a simple password and deny unauthorized persons access to confidential information and documents. The use of token guarantees no optimal data security.

So called one-time passwords (OTP one time password =) during token already exist before login, you can login and OTP gephisht”. In this way, they endanger the safe access to confidential documents and fail to protect them effectively. Against the use of token technology now in the years, the complex and expensive management speaks of hardware tokens. These must be registered on the authentication server, and mapped to the respective users. Not rarely the tokens are lost and then to represent to logoff automatically a vulnerability or they are, as in the current case, hacked and need to be replaced. This solution in terms of data security and document protection is complicated and very expensive. Delta airlines understood the implications. SMS-based authentication solutions are comparatively safe, slim in the management and therefore inexpensive. They create a high level of data security in the enterprise and are superior to the common token solutions thus.

Markus Seyfried, CTO Brainloop AG, explains the own solution for data backup in the enterprise: we provide secure access to mission-critical information a so-called two-factor authentication on. This multi-stage login procedures combined short-lived SMS PIN, generated in the real time process using a user name and a password with one and is sent to the mobile phone of the user. There it only applies in a session and expires after a certain time.” Because mobile phones are for the reachability of users of great importance, their loss is quickly. A blocking of the SIM card by the user is the logical consequence. Thus, this device represents a highly flexible and secure infrastructure that helps to ensure document security and also for the protection of personal data. Overview of solutions of Brainloop AG in the area of data security, document security, protection of application documents and compliance, see also: products/sicherheit.html about Brainloop AG which Brainloop AG with its headquarters in Munich and Boston is the leading provider of document compliance management (DCM) solutions for highly secure dealing with confidential documents. The solutions enable complete traceability of all accesses and changes of the document and thus complying with all compliance requirements. Brainloop AG’s customers such as Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bundesbank include ESA (European Space Agency), Landesbank Berlin, Postbank AG, sky, T-systems and ThyssenKrupp and leading law firms and investment banks, which use the Brainloop data space as an online service, ERGO. The Brainloop AG DCM solutions are web-based. This allows the editing and distribution strictly confidential documents across corporate boundaries. Through a highly secure encryption and a screening of all documents from unauthorized internal and external attacker moves the collaboration in a highly secure environment. More compliance requirements are met by full traceability and logging of all accesses and actions. Applied solutions and others in the body communication, human resources departments and the financial and Contract management.

The Studio

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They have a larger membrane and can thereby develop a better sound. In addition, you have a much higher Comfort on what is specially noticeable with longer use. The Studio headphones is located on the upper end of the scale. They are designed for professional use. They are not for the “pleasant”, but the “honest” tone.

They should play an unchanged sound and exactly represent the music as it is so evident in this way errors and bad, from mixing. These headphones are really optimized for use in a recording Studio. A Hi-Fi headphones, however, has good music the task, to make possible even if the quality of the music is not very good pleasant and warm sound. Headphones type headphones can plug in the ear, on the ear or around the ear. A distinction between ironing earphones and earbuds. The ironing listeners there are open, semi-open and closed models. In open systems, the ears are not completely shielded, because the headphones are open outwards and noise can penetrate. These are recommended, if you is not entirely shield can / want to, because you would like to hear or hear the phone ring E.g.

at the music. A disadvantage of these devices is that you hear the sounds from the headphones from the outside. These models are less suitable for the public. Not so much material is required due to the open construction, these headphones are generally easier than closed versions. Thus, they are still comfortable to wear even after several hours. The open construction corresponds to the natural listening more, but has the disadvantage that swell waves may not optimally spread across sound membranes adjacent close to the ear. Closed headphones the listener completely shielded from the outside world and make sure that the sound waves in the ears get. Therefore, this type is ideal for the use in the recording studio and disc jockeys, come for the music lover who wants to hear only music and nothing else.

Tips To The Right Microwave To Buy

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We help you to find the right microwave oven… Microwave ovens are regarded as basic kitchen appliances today already, as well as the fridge and the stove. But there are so many different types of microwave ovens! How should one select one? Clearly, you can simply select an expensive microwave from a known brand, and secured then you bought a beautiful microwave… Would this expensive microwave but really right for you be? Not necessarily. Even if you have no money problems, it is possible to buy the wrong microwave. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bernard Golden . Set up to find microwave for you we will make us the following questions: what will you cook with your microwave? Most people use to reheat microwave to their drinks, frozen food thawing and very quick to cook food or heat if you are in a hurry or are too lazy to cook myself something. Such people need no special microwave with steamer, etc. If you do no more than that you can buy also quiet a cheap microwave.

If you are a student or a sailor and did only a small living-room or living in an RV and have no other way to Cook, then you should invest in a microwave oven or a microwave oven with grill. There are also many more different microwave ovens from which you can choose. You should so that different types of browse and select your favorite. You can find also here on microwave! Special microwave ovens are also very useful for chefs who want to prepare endless different complicated dishes. How many people will you cook for normally? One or two times per year it happens that relatives or friends visit you at home and stay for a week or so with you. Some people are very stressed at these times and coincidentally just your microwave is dead and you have to buy a new, you will perhaps come in the temptation a microwave with buy a very large capacity so that you can quickly Cook for all of your visit.

But you shouldn’t do that. Because it first will be more expensive and secondly anyway for you will be useless extra capacity until you get then visit. Of course, it is also a factor where your microwave oven should be. Whether it’s on the counter or built. And you also have to see what you can afford. Top if you have a favorite brand. But, if you follow all these points you should find quite sure exactly the right microwave oven. Manfred Strecker by microwave

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