Psychology and Success

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THE BIBLICAL PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SUCCESS (II) Many people, nowadays, do not see with the heart, because of some condicionantes facts of the proper existence. One of them is the DECEIT OF the SIN. It modified the vision of the human beings. he gave an limited, finite and fearful vision to them. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree. Sensitivity hardened it to them. Vision took off it to them cosmic, universal, transcendental, crstica, divine. A disorientation state reduced them it.

Another one, is the ATTRACTION OF the EMPIRISMO. It launched the men in enormous career to the search of the immediate values of the life. The light of the vision of the things that are seen by the eyes flesh times is very strong on that they do not have courage to be called strange msticos or. Third it is the HIPNOTISMO OF the DEATH. The men live terrified with the death sentence that hangs on each alive being. Because of that one day will happen inevitably, many lose all its days. It is good for remembering that for the believer the death is only one release of this I came so that they have life and life WITH ABUNDANCE. Jo 10.10.

It understood well? The perpetual life starts here! Finally, another limitation that conditions excessively the human beings is the ILLUSION OF the TIME AND the SPACE. why illusion? Because the Real is God and it he is atemporal and infinite. The man is limited by time KRONOS, while God extends itself infinitely in time KAIROS. The man is limited by the realities of three dimensions: height, width and depth and three realities: light, substance and energy. God exceeds everything in its onipresena, onipotncia, onividncia, oniscincia when Joo found in spirit in the Day Mr. (AP 1,10), he surpassed the time and the space.

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