The PROFESSIONAL FUTURE OF the LOGISTIC one We will analyze the professional future of the logistic one from this last world-wide crisis that occurred in 2008, leaving a little of side the evolution of the logistic one from the implantation of ' ' PLAN REAL' ' , in which where everything started. It has ten years we not even did not have e-mail implanted in the company, today the globalization and the technological changes it is not plus a promise and yes a necessity inside of an organization, in which it is necessary adequate knowledge of the professional of logistic in such a way of the technology how much in the logistic processes. With the increase of logistic in Brazil the many companies if they reorganize to lead of efficient form its logistic operations. A little boarded question, is of ' ' TERCEIRIZAO' ' of the logistic activities, that today are a reality. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Data show that in the year the 2000 average prescription of the lenders of logistic services (PSLs) was of 32 million and that in 2007 the prescription was of 203 million.

Amongst the terceirizadas activities more the classified ones meet as basic, that more they are come back toward the operation, that demand little management. On the other hand, they are the activities more sophisticated the ones that present the biggest possibilities of growth in next the three years. Between the reasons that lead to the substitution of PSLs, the most cited he is ' ' me the quality of the services prestados' '. In this in case that, the election of the logistic partner, when made exclusively for price, it can bring in short term problems in the level of given service. The terceirizao of the logistic Brazilian already is a reality, even so still exists some gaps of perception enters the expectations of the shippers versus logistic operators. These gaps must be minimized, in order to guarantee a good and long partnership.

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