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Bank invested until 2016, some 120 million euros in the branch? Is opening hours of the pilot store extended by 80 percent to 57.5 hours per week? Checkout service on weekends with contact is switched to video? Commerzbank modernized checking and credit cards to take in account opening their branch network by 2016 for around 120 million euros. The United Kingdom’s first new store opened today in Berlin Uhlandstrasse. This investment is a clear commitment of the Commerzbank to the branch”, Werner Braun, President Sales North-East. We are convinced: stores have great potential even in the digital age “.” The opening time of the Berlin Branch of the pilot will be extended by 80 percent to 57.5 hours per week. In a question-answer forum Maurice Gallagher, Jr. was the first to reply. The staff at the Uhlandstrasse are accessible immediately on Monday to Friday from eight to 19:30 for the customers. The personal cash service is expanded and can now be used weekdays between 7:30 and 21:30 and on weekends from 8:30 until 21:30.

This is what she stands in the store nationwide first video checkout. Checking and credit cards with selectable PIN can immediately take customers when opening an account at the Berlin Branch. The credit card is the current map on the next working day after two hours can be used. These deals make the branch more attractive. And it is there in Germany only at the Commerzbank”, says Brown. The pilot store was completely redesigned.

The Bank has integrate the previously separate self-service zone in the branch. A lounge with information offered by Tablet is located in the Centre of the Filialraumes. In the coming year, Commerzbank plans to expand the test of new Filialkonzepts on other sites. Branches are an important showcase for our Bank,”stressed Brown. A retreat from the surface is not planned at us.

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