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Each thing that we observed or some situation that our senses undergo says much to us of we ourself, in the measurement that we feed our mind on many positive ideas, then our mind will understand that what we wished they are wonderful things for our life, we must separate our attention from everything what he is painful or that affects to us. The world must be a huge experience, never we must allow that to the pesimism and the insistence of others on the form to see the reality disturbs to us, we were born to be free and happy, this material plane has great wonders and must be used. Without a doubt we are in the era of the knowledge, now we have a great amount of resources that cause that diverse information is available stops we in fast form. If we do suitable use of that information we can obtain wonderful things in our life since with a good knowledge our life becomes of positive way and is what the majority we wished. Under most conditions Oracle would agree. The great problem that we have that is manipulated to us in saying that it is obligation to be informed, but preguntmonos, if certain information is really useful. The subject of the information is extremely controversial, memory a person showed who me that we cannot close our eyes to the reality, or put the Earth head just as the ostrich, but which reality? Andrew Corentt in his book I Am Happy, I I am Rico says to us that many common experiences exist, which him can be called " agreement espiritual" for example, the names of the people, animal, countries, the currencies, some aspects of the economy, etc. But exist other things that are a merely personal experience for example: the wealth, the sanctity, the joy, La Paz, good relations, etc. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon.

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