Politics Of Capital Structure

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The POLITICS OF CAPITAL STRUCTURE the politics of structure of capital, or simply structural, is the one that of the form or structure to the company. Here we plan the volume of proper capital and how much it will be financed by third, they are supplying, used or financial institutions, and to follow, how much it will be invested in the asset, for example, in machines, supplies and duplicates to receive. It is the planning of long stated period. In sequncia to the planning, the decisions occur. In the case, the structural decisions are the ones that will determine the starting point of the company, in dimension terms, that is, capacity of purchases, production and sales.

They are the referring decisions to the alternatives of the origins of the financing of the liabilities and its respective balancing in terms of costs, of the structure of the liabilities, in its more varied possibilities. The counterpart of the decisions of the financing of the liabilities is the alternative decisions of applications or uses and investments in the asset of the company, and its respective balancing, in terms of yield of the investments, for example, in machines, supplies and accounts receivable, in the structure of the asset. Let us observe the importance of the planning of the medium and long term economic policy. A phase involves costs (origins in the liabilities) and another one involves yield (applications in the asset). This can mean that all origin of resources can be intent in few sources, generating or not, convenient costs, the same happening with the applications and respective rentabilidades in the asset. It is very important, still, to verify that deep the involved ones with the medium and long term economic policy are deep permanent, therefore are of long stated period.

Decisions are that take time to be taken and have lasting effect, almost permanent. The deep ones are placed more than the 360 (three hundred and sixty) days. Purchase of machines for the production, for example, is decision that does not happen with daily frequency. Lodging and Development of Websites?

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