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He says a popular saying, two minds think better than one, good in regards to the mastermind 12 minds can think better still. The mastermind concept originally comes from Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich published beyond by 1937. The idea is simple but powerful, a mastermind aims to get together with a group of people who share interests and similar ideas, as soon as is reunenen share ideas, use their collectively their brains to help others. One of the problems that occurs with a mastermind group is that they are difficult to find, if you are looking for one to form part of the and you can’t find it, sees a step toward ahead of others and create yourself a mastermind group. Here I leave you a few tips that will guide you in the process of forming your mastermind group: 1.-find the right people.-your you will want to have on your mastermind suitable people, and I am referring to people with your same interests and commitments to personal growth, employment, etc for your niche market. 2.-When, where, and how often-would be good idea commit the members of the group to meet certain day of the week, every fifteen days or at least once a month either via the internet or in person, is decision of the Group of mastermind and according to the needs of the members of the group. 3.-Number of people-is really your decision how much people will integrate the GroupOf mastermind, up to 20 persons, without embarto can form groups from 2 people ten intoaccount that among larger is the group is more difficult to manage and control it, an acceptable amount of members would be maximum 6 people, but as I said before the final decision is yours. 4.-Beam commit themselves-this is essential, if you don’t you can commit the inegrantes of the Group’s mastermind to attend meetings, you’ll soon see that even half of the people will appear.

Obviously anyone forcing anything, if once there is commitment on some of the members, gives the Group low and looks for someone else. 5.-The format to be followed at meetings.-There is really no standard format. Some groups of mastermind ask each Member to take command of the meeting with the aganda to follow every time that meet together. In the agenda may be included for example a relevente theme to your niche market for example establish a marketing strategy. Or it may be the problem of any Member, usually also has a space during the meeting to establish goals for each Member, and must be fulfilled and reviewed by the remaining members at the next meeting. 6 Keep your meetings fresh and dynamic- as in all, mastermind meetings can become a routine over time, keep your meetings fresh and dynamic being creative, if meetings are face-to-face have a meal, subject to change, change of place to meet, or invite a person external to the group to give them a talk, the sky is the limit, only you do not deviate much from the original purpose of the group.

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