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In locations exceptional white in 50, the wedding with ‘ party all in’ celebrate. Where that is the most beautiful day of your life’ taking place? This question is probably in each pair always at the beginning of every wedding planning. And the range is huge: beautiful castles and palaces in the countryside or modern studios over the roofs of the city? Or may be it but some mark on the water? To find out the right choice from a vast range, the couples gotta however already a detective feel on the day. It is good when many locations at one time offered the future bridal couples. “The party caterer offers over fifty individual venues all in” on his homepage at. Romantic manor houses and cosy thatched roof huts, modern studios and lofts, barges and sailing vessels of up to traditional halls, are offered to the future couples many unusual wedding locations on the online pages. A detailed Locationbeschreibung with information on the possible number of people, lots of pictures and some small video clips, complete the offer. By phone or email, we will learn whether the dates are still free and what costs you will need.

“On more than 300 Weddings per year party is all in” active. The company is already since 1989 in the event area and specializes in the Organization and conduct of weddings. The lessons learnt are incorporated into every celebration and the couples benefit from the wealth of experience. “The fixed price guarantee” is one of party all in “developed event concept, where the couples receive all benefits at a guaranteed fixed price. Included are all important components of a celebration, such as buffet, drinks, service, DJ, room hire and decoration.

The cost not change it, no matter how much consumed in the evening, or how long celebrated. “” The philosophy of party all in “is that the couples are experiencing any unexpected surprises on their celebration and the most beautiful day” in can enjoy the fullest. “” So that each bride and groom advance can get an idea of the services of caterers, party offers all in “in addition to a rehearsal dinner also the so-called test the feast” on. “In the Test Fest” the pair has the opportunity to be on other wedding reception an hour before meeting the guests here and look the caterer over the shoulder. The couples watch live”the buffet building or the preparation of sparkling wine reception and can look behind the scenes at once before. So, the future bride and groom can see reassured the wedding reception counter.

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