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Learn drawing and painting. Peculiarities of the National School. Chapter 2. Goals and objectives. When choosing an art school, clubs or courses of drawing and painting have wondered whether you a question: 'And what I need it, learn to draw? " On seemingly strange question, especially if dreaming about it since childhood. But, you see that dream and realize clearly not the same thing.

Try to understand? Most applicants can be divided into two main groups. First – those who want to achieve significant results, increase your level (if any) and, possibly, to make art his profession. Second – those who are interested in the process creativity (the result for them of course is important, but to a lesser extent). There are, however, is still quite small third group of friends who just want to test yourself, test their capabilities. As a result of 'checks Roads' they are either adjacent to one of the aforementioned groups, or refuse to do further studies drawing and painting. Of goals to go sredstvm.

Most of those who were in the first group – people tend to persistent, stubborn, you can tell by the nature of men, though still 'neobstrelyannyh'. The difficulties of only harden, persistence and work, coupled with the gradually accumulating experience, sooner or later lead to noticeable results. Much more difficult is the case with the second group. In fact, once on the vast expanse of art, it is very easy to move on 'adrift', or just hover in one place. But not embarrassed. There is always help out a wise, philosophical attitude to the situation and the natural sense of humor, and tells the teacher and help in difficult times. By the way, stamina, strength of character are necessary not only for training drawing and painting, but in any case. Remember at Vysotsky: 'Step foot on the glacier, and wilted. " Further in the text. As for a sense of humor, then VS this is also okay. And the last. Classes are drawing and painting work is incredibly fascinating and interesting. Even if you do not become a professional artist, the process of learning a positive impact on inner spiritual qualities that will change not only your character, but even the appearance, you can say 'image', a beneficial effect on relationships with people, work colleagues, friends and family. Do not be afraid of difficulties! Good luck and success in work! The next time you talk about some of the misconceptions and illusions novice painters. Do not miss out! Chapter 3. Source: Workshop 'Polyakovstudio'. Learn drawing and painting.

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