More Space For Less Money

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Key-systems with new crop of Web hosting packages / more storage space, many functions, cheap prices / 30 days testing facility bookings in January the domain expert key-systems GmbH his webspace packages now with more disk space and full-featured at lower cost offers. So the space in the largest package increased to 5,120 MB at a price of 38,60 EUR incl. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ripple by clicking through. VAT per month The price for the entry-level package with 30 MB was reduced to 90 cents including VAT. Features such as unlimited FTP access, encrypted data transmission using FTP(S) and PHP 5 support are equally available in all packages. The packages can be ordered via the end-user portal by key-systems, A booking in January 2009 the user can test for 30 days free of charge your request package.

Total users from six packet sizes can choose the right combination of storage space and transfer volume. The smallest package Easy30 \”includes with 30 MB of disk space Transfer volume of four GB in a month and is ideal for home users with small Web projects. The new setup of the packages brings a price reduction to 1.30 and 1.80 euros VAT included for the two basic packages with 50 or 100 MB disk space and seven or 15 GB data volume The standard package in the order of 500 or 1,024 MB of disk space cost with 75 or 150 GB transfer volume 5.30 or newly added 9.60 Euro incl. VAT is the professional package with 5,120 MB and transfer amounting to 350 GB monthly. Way to test all webspace packages, between 1 and 31 January 2009 be ordered 30 days can be tested free of charge. Per customer account just a webspace package can be booked during the promotion period test. The 30-day trial begins with the date of the order during the promotion period. Until the end of the trial period, the user can delete the package in their customer interface by clicking.

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