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Under the umbrella of the Lotex Germany, the Department colors and paint supplies – will be further expanded from healthby 2009. As the ninth pillar for online distribution, under the direction of master painter Michael Fakhro, summarizes the activities of the new online distribution. About the construction of the new marketing idea, he speaks in an interview with our press spokesman. Press Department: A new, for the Lotex Germany launched the ninth leg, in an independent Department. Does that not more confusion for the online customers visiting our Web page? Wood albums and tools don’t mix as groups of articles already. Now even colors? Wheel carrier: Absolutely not. We simplify the structure and make processes more effective. Significantly fewer people in decisions will talk to in the future.

By the fact that the individual departments on their article and target groups can orient themselves, we will gain enormously speed and flexibility. So, we expand a more prominent position in the competition. Online trading has significantly helped that the Lotex companies both with the products offered in the search engines continue to rise. The structure of different products is grown historically in the company and we have been working so far very well. Therefore, it is time to make us even better and more efficiently. Press: What do you mean a standalone Department for paints and paint supplies for the packaging division, which has to cope with all product groups? Wheel carrier: For employees not much changes in the packaging and logistics. The cooperation between the logistics and distribution is immediately recruited at the beginning.

Each product, which takes up the new Department in online sales, is set in units of packaging and the packaging receives prefabricated boxes equal to the beginning for the shipping. New and different only the umbrella organization within the is Lotex Germany. The form of a sales company with a new management structure and a fixed supplier with thousands of products.

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