Mexican Revolution

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Chiquitibum bombita my readers, and even when it drops that the start of a new year is always, be held, definitely this just released 2010 is infinitely more so, not only by the political after scenes – patriotic significance which extols, not only because at the end we have the opportunity to regain both the pride and the reason lost during 2009not only because lower weight, for the first time in many years, it will not be the primary purpose of the foregoing and freshly salidito calendar and on the contrary, to preserve the few pounds that we have been able to add during the last month, we will be very useful in the future, let alone near but imminent because leagues stops to see that things are going from bad into worse and worse still, that none of the members of the staff of this nation is making effort to give us even a break already do not say a hand, that would be too much to ask them – and because nothing, here is where I say unto you, blessed is he who managed to increase at least one or two kilos more because it falls that we make what we do even if they tell us that this is working in conjunction with the sleeve of the dead-that we are going to lose weight in a forced manner, we will lose, so prepare to turn everyday your radio or TV, open your newspaper or your internet browser and dedicate yourself to seeto read or to listen to newscasts that blessed clos they acceding as an incentive for the thinner end. Read more here: Gary Kelly. Not only we will be witnesses of cynics, far-fetched, constants and excessive increases in everything that occurs to my compadritos politicians but we will be victims of the same, not only we will see increasing insecurity on our streets and colonies that we will even be tempted to form part of the nuclei that conducive, to lack of jobs, what better to give us in the Tower each against each other by appealing to so instinctive and natural law of the? stronger?, not only we will witness the increase in the military presence in various areas of the country – do strategic perhaps?-, but We can also see resurgence that little mentioned subversive race who today already unable to keep quiet to various political/social situations, but will die of craving by at least affirm silently before their procedures without leaving aggrieved at inter, not only we will see what happens when a stubborn Government, blind and stubborn imposes his vision of a country better to the world but on the inside allabsolutely everything is crumbling to you should not forget that throughout 2010 will celebrate who we at down, which we have no voice coupled with our vote? – the bicentennial of independence and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution according to Mel Gibson and the Phoenicians or Eskimos-, but that will be handled until the marrow to keep them current and launch cheersbatons and live each that wants them and worst of all is that we will continue as usual, Mum, tied up, with the initiative numb and fearful, as it best suits the interests of the highest rankings in Aztec.

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